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Hydro-Base is a place that features in Marvel Comics.




Hydro-Base was a floating seacraft disguised as a natural island floating off the coast of North America outside US territorial waters. Its first known user was the mad ecologist Dr. Herman Frayne (aka Doctor Hydro) who used it both as a laboratory and an airbase on which to land hijacked planes. Doctor Hydro planned to turn the planes’ passengers into amphibious people, using Terrigen Mist he acquired from the renegade Inhuman Maelstrom. After Doctor Hydro died, his subjects now known as the Hydro-Men inhabited the pseudo-island along with the marine scientist known as Stingray (Dr. Walter Newell). The Hydro-Men lived on the island until Mister Fantastic and Inhuman scientists found a way to cure them. Stingray continued to use the facility as an oceanographic laboratory, and a residence for himself and his wife who would serve as caretakers. When the FAA revoked the Avengers’s flight privileges from their mansion, Stingray invited them to create a private airfield on Hydro-Base.

The Avengers later moved their headquarters to Hydro-Base when their mansion was destroyed by the Masters of Evil and Stingray became an unofficial member of the Avengers until they returned to their old base. It was destroyed by Doctor Doom and his Doombots. Although Walter and his wife were able to escape.



  • Dr. Herman Frayne :
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  • Hydro-Base was created by Bill Everett, Steve Gerber and Win Mortimer where it made its first appearance in Sub-Mariner v1 #61 (May, 1973).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Hydro-Base appeared in the setting of the animated television series starting from the episode "Code Red." Red Skull was imprisoned in the Hydro-Base while Doc Samson and Falcon were placed there to have the mind-control on them undone. In the episode "Winter Soldier," a Sleeper attacked the Hydro-Base in order to free Red Skull. In the episode "The Deadliest Man Alive," Captain America infiltrates the Hydro-Base in a plot to get Bruce Banner out of his cell where he and Wasp (who stowed away on Captain America upon having second thoughts about Red Hulk) discovers that a device had been put on the back of Bruce Banner's head. After Captain America and Wasp remove the device from Hulk, the Avengers and Red Hulk arrive to arrest Captain America for "aiding a dangerous criminal." This leads to a fight between Hulk and Red Hulk where Captain America tells Iron Man of the device (which was Stark-based tech that Tony Stark sold to the military). As Hulk and Red Hulk fight throughout the Hydro-Base, Captain America discover the trigger to device on Hulk's head which was dropped by Red Hulk. After Red Hulk was defeated and regressed back to Thunderbolt Ross upon an Avengers ID card trap done by Iron Man, Thunderbolt Ross was incarcerated at the Hydro-base. In the episode "New Avengers," Kang is shown to have been transferred to the Hydro-Base until the Dynasty of Kangs spring him out of the Hydro-Base. In the episode "Operation Galactic Storm," members of the Kree Stealth Ops invade the Hydro-Base in order to spring Ronan the Accuser from the Hydro-Base's prisons.


  • Sub-Mariner v1:
  • New Avengers v3:

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