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I-Machines are mecha that feature in ID-0.



I-Machines (Iマシン I mashin) were a type of remote pilotable mecha that was developed by humanity in the future after the discovery of Orichalt. This propelled mankind into an age of interstellar space travel where they sought to find more caches of the mineral with special robots being made to operate in the extreme environments it was found in with these becoming the I-Machines.


In appearance, an I-Machine were typically large humanoids in form that towered over ordinary humans. Their designs could vary as could their abilities with some being custom made by their users. The were typically inhabited by the mind of humans who transferred their consciousness to inhabit the robotic frames. This allowed them to operate in space without the need for life support systems. To accomplish this, pilots went into special pods to make use of the MT System. These Mind Trance devices then projected the mind of the wearer into the I-Machine whilst their original body remained within the pod. A back-up memory system meant that if the I-Machine was destroyed then the user re-awakened in their original body unharmed but they may lose the memories they had whilst piloting the I-Machine.

Racers were known to had created specialised I-Machines to allow them to operate in races with these operating a digital copy of the pilot with the two working in sync with one another.

Certain individuals had their consciousnesses permanently residing in the large I-Machines with these being known as Evertrancers (エバートランサー Ebātoransā). Such people had a variety of reasons for residing in their mechanical forms as their original bodies could be lost or they may have discarded them. In one case, the operator had actually died but their emergency back up data existed within the I-Machine thus creating a digital version who continued to live even though the original organic version was long dead. Within galactic society, such a practice was considered illegal and unethical by other humans beings.


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  • I-Machines feature in the setting of the ID-0 universe.


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