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*'''Phadros''' : male scientist and husband to Thera where they subjected their son to Terrigen in utero. Initially, the child seemed to possess no powers which saddened the couple but after another exposure he gradually developed psionic powers to manipulate and animate the earth. (Alpha Flight/Inhumans Annual v1 1998)
*'''Phadros''' : male scientist and husband to Thera where they subjected their son to Terrigen in utero. Initially, the child seemed to possess no powers which saddened the couple but after another exposure he gradually developed psionic powers to manipulate and animate the earth. (Alpha Flight/Inhumans Annual v1 1998)
*'''Thera''' : a female scientist and wife to Phadros where they subjected their son to Terrigen in utero. Initially, the child seemed to possess no powers which saddened the couple but after another exposure he gradually developed psionic powers to manipulate and animate the earth. (Alpha Flight/Inhumans Annual v1 1998)
*'''Thera''' : a female scientist and wife to Phadros where they subjected their son to Terrigen in utero. Initially, the child seemed to possess no powers which saddened the couple but after another exposure he gradually developed psionic powers to manipulate and animate the earth. (Alpha Flight/Inhumans Annual v1 1998)
*'''Randall Jessup''' : a blonde haired male descendant of Inhumans who came to be a scientist working on renewable energies that worked on Bruce Banner's science team. When the Terrigen Mist was released into the world, Jessup came to discover that he had Inhuman genes and was enveloped in a cocoon where he emerged into a monster that fed on strong emotions. (Indestructible Hulk v1 #18)

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The Inhumans in Inhumanity v1 #1.

The Inhumans are a race of genetically engineered race that feature in Marvel Comics.




The Fantastic Four encounter the Inhumans in Fantastic Four v1 #46.

Countless years, the Kree began a secret experimental program to create the Inhuman race that was done so at the direction of the Supreme Intelligence. Officially, this was done with the goal of creating sentient weapons but the Supremor secretly sought for a catalyst for change that would restart the stagnant Kree evolution. This saw experiments being done on five races that would lead to the development of the Inhumans. From their Parallax-class science base on Uranus, they were able to observe primitive humans and determined that mankind had a unique genetic potential. (Fantastic Four v1 #577) Many years ago, Outpost #213 located at Uranus in the Sol system was attacked by a group of exiled Eternals who succeeded in destroying a Kree Sentry guarding the site. This attracted the attention of a Kree expedition who destroyed the Eternal's starship and took the body of the deceased crewman known as Arlok. Their study led them to determine the specimen to be genetically advanced leading to the Supreme Intelligence agreeing for a mission to the primitive world of Earth in order to conduct similar experiments as the Celestials. Over the course of their experimentation of the primitive humans, the Kree abandoned the planet where in the span of twenty five years they left behind the Inhuman race. (What If? v1 #28) In humans, the ancient Kree found a species that they could experiment on in order to reproduce the features of other alien species. Thus, their gene pool was inserted with the means of duplicating the abilities of other space-going beings. As a result, many of the developments that formed in the Inhumans had long been foretold by the Kree which meant the genetically engineered race were not the products of evolution but rather of careful strategy. (Inhumans v3 #2) It was said that the hereditary homeland of the Inhumans was the land of Atlantis. (Fantastic Four v1 #402) History noted that around 25,000 years ago, Kree xenogeneticists had arrived on Earth for the first time and abducted Homo Neanderthals where they altered their genetic structure. In the aftermath, the altered humans were designated as Inhomo Supremis and in the centuries that followed had surpassed Homo Sapiens. (Inhumanity v1 #1) Inhuman history was said to date back to pre-historic days where they created a highly advanced society when mankind lived in caves. Over the centuries, the rapidly growing number of humans began to fear and attack the Inhumans due to their powers. As a result, they retreated from the world instead of engaging in warfare against primitive humans they redirected their efforts to build the Great Refuge to shelter their people. (Fantastic Four v1 #46) Around 30,000 years ago, it was said that the Inhumans had already landed on the Moon and Mars. (Inhuman v1 #10) Millennia ago, in deep space the Universal Inhumans built sanctuaries where their people could thrive peacefully until the coming of the Leviathon tide and their queen which devastated the world. (Monsters Unleashed v2 #3)

Randac continued the work left by the Kree and sought to evolve the Inhumans as weapons to resist their creators. (Inhumanity v1 #1) Agon was Chief Geneticist of Attilan who developed the process of transformation using the Terrigen Mists with King Randac being the first to go through the process becoming the first Inhuman. (Inhumans v1 #1) Through the Terrigen Mist, they were given the key to genetically alter their bodies to survive the perils of the world. (Inhumans v3 #1) Following the lead of the Genetics Council, King Auron wrote his first edict that helped create Inhuman society and government. (Inhumans v2 #2) Long ago, the Terrigenesis process was open to all Inhumans without regulation but this period led to monstrous mutations that was a disaster which damaged their gene pool with it taking millennia to repair this harm done to them. (Son of M v1 #2) Many ages ago, there was a fracture within the Inhuman Royal Family that began over a matter of honor. This splintering saw the tribes moving their own paths with some going into the world and others went into space. (New Avengers v3 #10) Around three millennia ago in the reign of King Nestor, a schism erupted among the Inhumans when a winged member of their kind had been bred. Chief among this group was Kylus who resented his brethren from being confined to Attilan and desired more freedom in the skies. By royal edict, the Inhumans had to remain hidden from the world but King Nestor conceded in the construction of a floating city known as Aerie. However, the incidents between the winged ones and the rest of the Inhumans grew. Eventually, Kylus decided to secede from Attilan and also initiated a purge among his brethren that resisted this plan which saw all those with bat wings including his brother Cheiros being slain. King Nestor ultimately agreed to the secession and forbid the feathery winged Inhumans from every approaching Attilan again. (Thor Annual v1 #12)

At some point, a legendary conflict known as the War of Eterninhuma or Eternals/Inhuman War erupted between the two species. During this time, the Eternals forged the Time Sword that the Inhumans destroyed with the weapon being scattered into five pieces throughout history. (Cable v3 #3) A century ago, a conflict erupted between the House of Agon and the House of Phaeder after the latter was discovered to had been conducting forbidden genetic experiments. The Council of Genetics were convinced by Agon to remove Phaeder from their ranks with the rogue mutageneticist creating a clone for himself where he orchestrated his death before going into hiding to continue his work. (Marvel Two-In-One v1 #72) One period noted in the Proscribed Volume of the Royal History of the Inhumans was the forgotten reign of a king that became known as the Unspoken. This ruler was respected and loved by all his people which included the Alpha Primitives that tended to Attilan. Despite the love he felt, he was also equally feared for he was considered the greatest of his kind. He came to consider the Slave Engine to be a great threat to his people and thus ordered its removal. This act attracted the attention of the royal family with among them being Prince Black Bolt and his royal entourage who proceeded with rebelling against the Inhuman King. Despite his power, the king was defeated by Black Bolt who claimed the crown and offered redemption if the deposed ruler revealed the location of the Slave Engine. He refused and thus his name was removed from knowledge with the former king called the Unspoken who was thrown into the wilderness outside Attilan. Though expected to die, he was found by the Alpha Primitives that still respected him and taken into shelter where he remained for many years in hiding. (Mighty Avengers v1 #27) Centuries ago, the ancient chemist Romnar created a forbidden substance that absorbed mass into itself and drew power which was accidently unleashed. The substance killed thousands before it was finally stopped but it could not be destroyed and instead had to be imprisoned. (Incredible Hulk Special v1 #1)

By the modern age, the growing advancement and numbers of humans threatened to uncover Attilan. As a result, King Black Bolt departed to scour the surface of the planet in order to find a new home for his people. In his search, he encountered the Eternal Ikaris who was impressed by Black Bolt's power and took him to his home of Olympia. The Eternal ruler Zuras revealed that he knew of the existence of the Inhumans and had watched them for some time. After learning of Black Bolt's mission, he called upon the entirety of the Eternals who determined the Himalayas to be a suitable place that would be isolated from mankind. They excavated the area to serve as a base for construction for the Inhumans before departing but forged a friendship with King Black Bolt. (What If? v1 #29) Afterwards, Black Bolt ordered the creation of sky arks to transport his people to the Himalayas but after seeing an Inhuman child crying about leaving her home of Attilan led to the King changing his mind. Instead, he commanded a great effort to transport the entirety of Attilan itself with this effort being aided by the Eternals. Thus, Attilan and the Inhumans were relocated to the Himalayas where they remained hidden from the rest of humanity. (What If? v1 #30) The Ennilux faction of Inhumans that operated as a corporation but were more akin to a secret society on Earth where they directly accelerated human development. They made sure that mankind survived the Black Plague, jumpstarted the Industrial Revolution and helped in the Moon landing in order to maintain humanity as a customer base. (Inhuman v1 #14)

Around a hundred years ago, the Genetics Council commissioned a study on the Terrigenesis ritual with this being conducted by the scientist Ultarnt. Her findings discovered some disturbing details about the seemingly random nature of Inhuman mutations with her research kept a secret in order to protect her people from its implications. (Inhumans v2 #3) Long ago, there existed a special group within Inhuman society that had the power of telepathic persuasion. This group in time came to be feared and distrusted by their fellow Inhumans leading to them departing from the secret city of Attilan where they became known as the Hidden Ones. They began to mingle with humanity where they mated with them and produced offspring across the generations. These Hidden Ones remained isolated from the world until World War II when the Nazi's learnt of them from older legends and began to target them. Those that survived became determined to ensure that they were never victims again and thus started to infiltrate places of power in order to use their influence to hide their existence. Such acts involved redirecting mankind's attentions to other schisms and scandals. However, they came to fear that the existence of the greater Inhuman society at Attilan would lead to the eventual discovery of the Hidden Ones who began working on their elimination. (Fantastic Four v3 #54)

Inhuman Condition

The Inhumans from Inhumans v2 #1.

In the Heroes Reborn reality, the ancestors of the Inhumans once inscribed the location of the Terrigen Caverns on the Makula Tablet that was split into several parts. These were inscribed in an ancient form of their native language as their ancestors feared the potential for abuse with this information. Once splintered, the tablet pieces were scattered around the world and lost to the Inhumans. In time, it would be considered a sacred stone by the people of Attilan. (Fantastic Four v2 #9)

Whilst at Attilan on the Moon, Quicksilver managed to break into the Chambers of Terrigen to steal some of the Terrigen Crystals to use them to restore his mutation. The event was disastrous for the Inhumans as the crystals were damaged to the point it would take many years to recover. (Son of M v1 #5) Pietro would take the crystals to Genosha to share among depowered Mutants but a fight would erupt between them and the Inhuman Royal Family for possession of the Terrigen. Ultimately, it fell into the hands of the Office of National Emergency who refused to return the cultural artifacts. As a result, King Black Bolt declared a state of cold war against the United States government that were holding the crystals. (Son of M v1 #6)

Under King Maximus's reign, the Inhumans were recovering from their Terrigen depletion when it was discovered that Black Bolt was a Skrull imposter who had been slain. This led to Maximus removing the Genetic Council from control as he believed there were further spies among their ranks and had the position of the King take full control over Attilan. (Secret Invasion: Inhumans v1 #1)


Black Bolt and the Inhuman Royal Family from New Avengers v3 #8.

Prior to leaving for Kree space, King Black Bolt placed his Wayfinder the Inhuman Dal Damoc to remain on Earth's Moon in order to wait for the time of the summoning whereby the Universal Inhumans would arrive. (Fantastic Four v1 #577)

The Universal City would arrive on the Moon where the Universal Inhumans were greeted by Dal Damoc and the Fantastic Four. (Fantastic Four v1 #577)

At New Attilan, the deposed former king known now as the Unspoken arrived before Queen Medusa and offered five nuHumans to her as a gift. He also claimed that with Black Bolt missing that she would need a kin to rule and offered to be her consort. (Inhuman v1 #4) Medusa would refuse but allowed the Unspoken to remain as he claimed to had seen the presumed dead King Black Bolt. However, in truth, this was a ruse of the former Inhuman ruler so he could access a secret Terrigen cache and repower himself whereupon he took control of New Attilan. (Inhuman v1 #5). It was only through the aid of loyal nuHumans was he defeated and depowered by destroying his Terrigen supply that allowed Medusa to regain control whereupon the Unspoken was imprisoned. (Inhuman v1 #6) Following the Inversion, the changed Queen Medusa prepared for war against the human world and attacked the United Nation's until she learnt that her cousin Gorgon had asked Spider-Man to stop her. This led to her confronting her own advisers over their betrayal and abandoning New Attilan to them as a result of their actions. (Inhuman v1 #10)

Another onslaught came when Red Raven took the floating city of Aerie on an assault on New Attilan. This was an act of revenge as the Inhuman Avians of the city had been grotesquely mutated and deformed into monstrous flying beings by the Terrigen bomb. However, Spider-Man and Sam Wilson as the new Captain America convinced Red Raven to accept help in reversing the genetic damage done to his people. The Aerie crashed into the Jersey river but made a controlled landing due to the help of the Inhumans known as Flint and Iso. Queen Medusa accepted the Avian as among the Inhumans of New Attilan and sought to help repair the damage done by Black Bolt's actions. (All-New Captain America Special v1 #1)

With the Terrigen Cloud destroyed, the future of the Inhuman race became bleak as there was no means for the creation of new members of their kind. However, Noh-Varr who was native to an alternate reality claimed that this universe had discovered the secret of Terrigen and helped guide an expedition to the origin of the substance. (Royals v1 #1)


Emerging from a Terrigenesis Cocoon in Inhumanity: The Awakening v1 #1.

They were known by the scientific name of Inhomo Supremis. (Inhumanity v1 #1) Inhumans were a diverse race that came in every shape and color with them boasting a wide variety of non-human physical characteristics including wings, scales, fins, hide, tail, fur, hooves, and leaves with these considered normal traits. All were considered genetically perfect with no two individuals exactly alike with a catalyst needed to unlock the potential in their DNA. (Fantastic Four Annual v1 #18) Genetics was the science of interest among their people and through the use of vari-genes they were able to control evolution. Through this means, they were capable of directing evolution in ways they desired allowing them to produce many members of their kind given carefully specialized powers. (Fantastic Four v1 #46) When transformed, the alien forms of the Inhumans actually resembled the form of several galactic beings and species with some being extinct in the modern age. Not only did they replicate their appearance, but the Inhumans also gained the abilities of the race they resembled that had been programmed in their genetics but awakened by the Terrigen Mists. (Inhumans v3 #2) The seemingly random nature of Terrigen mutations actually held a pattern in that it was adaptive to future conditions. During times of conflict their genetic structure became aggressive and in times of climatic changes it adapted to cope. Thus, the Inhumans seemingly mutated in advance to an upcoming upheaval and adapt to future changes. Furthermore, if an Inhuman of a type integral to their social structure died than they would be replaced within three years. Instead of following the genetic pattern of heredity, the Inhumans adapted into genotypes that fit the requirements of society as a whole. (Inhumans v2 #3)

It was claimed that the Inhumans communicated only through verbal storytelling. (New Avengers v1 #24)

The first edict of King Auron wrote stated that, "Under this structure do we hereby establish the Genocracy of Attilan; ratified by council, fortified by technology, unified by evolution. From diversity comes equality." This demonstrated how the Inhumans embraced change as they saw that this was how the world operated. Transformation by Terrigenesis was considered a blessing as it meant that an individual Inhuman achieved their true potential. As such, some of their kind felt pity for normal humans who were unable to achieve this level of clarity. Furthermore, they believed that humans being all alike meant that they must be terribly sad and frightened for their lack of diversity in form. (Inhumans v2 #2) By nature, the Inhumans were migratory to the point that they embraced change. (New Avengers v3 #10) Undergoing the transformation with the Terrigen Mists was a requirement whereupon the individuals embraced their assigned station and role in their society. (Marvel Knights v4 #19) Such rites of transformation were known as the Ceremony of the Mists which all Inhumans needed to undergo prior to adulthood. (Marvel Knights v4 #20) The ruling Genetic Council had forbidden Terrigenesis to be experienced by non-Inhumans. This was partly due to the rigorous genetic screenings done to all Inhumans that was conducted before they were allowed to transform. (Son of M v1 #2)

Metamorphisis of the Inhumans into their true forms was achieved through the process known as Terrigenesis. The rules surrounding preparation for this rite of passage was noted for being different in the past. In those days, there was not much preparation for childlings for exposure to Terrigenesis with no set age for embarking on the process. By later years, a formal training program was made to prepare their young for the procedure with a single set age requirement being made for the students. This provided many extra years of preparation and training for the young to comprehend the procedure. Their society offered those that graduated from the gift of childhood transformation with the young entering of their own will into the Terrigen Mists to take their first steps into adulthood. Upon entering into the flux chamber, they were exposed to the Mists and the strengths of their lineage manifested on their bodies. Not all transformations went correctly with some turning into forms that degraded their status in Inhuman society with such individuals being shunned and their fate being considered worse than death. (Inhumans v2 #2) When the sacred ritual came to pass, the Bells of Terrigenesis was sounded to announce to all the Inhuman of the time of traditional metamorphosis. (Uncanny X-Men: First Class v1 #1) For generations, philosophers from the Tower of Wisdom had been aiding those that underwent Terrigenesis. (Karnak v1 #1)

Randac writings on Terrigenesis said that, "Ours are now the laws of artificial selection, mutation and evolution. Take this catalyst that is called Terrigen, for it will give you genomorphology". (Inhumans v2 #2) Through the Terrigen Mist, the key was provided to the Inhumans for surviving the perils of the outer world by genetically altering their bodies during their coming of age. (Inhumans v3 #1) Among their kind, the Terrigen Codex contained all the hidden knowledge of the house of Black Bolt. They were noted for keeping precise genetic records of their people. (New Avengers v3 #10)

For an Inhuman couple to raise a child that bore no genetic gifts was rarely heard in their society. (Alpha Flight/Inhumans Annual v1 1998) These genetically altered humans formed a highly evolved and advanced classist society. They were separated into different castes that included a warrior, artist, worker, educators and civil servant classes with the Alpha Primitives being at the bottom of this strata. Only the most cursory of contact was meant between the Inhumans and Alpha Primitives in order to maintain the purity of the bloodline. (Marvel Knights v4 #19) Among the gene-castes of the Inhumans included that of Morrith. (Uncanny X-Men: First Class v1 #1) Genetic caches of family were considered prize treasures with acts of treason at times being held accountable as punishment for the crime. (Inhumans v2 #11) An important ruling body was the Genetics Council which in the past was a stagnant body that was chosen for the individual's genetic superiority but membership was later elected by the people. (Inhumans: The Great Refuge v1 #1) A position attached to the council was that of the Surgeon Supreme who was charged with performing high level experiments. (Lockjaw v1 #4) A profession among the Inhumans included a Communcator that shared thoughts, memories and emotions between two people. (Son of M v1 #2) Being appointed Guardian of the Chambers where the Terrigen was cultivated considered a great honor as the crystals were used for the Terrigenesis rite. (Realm of Kings: Inhumans v1 #1) One of the institutions within their society was the Royal Guard. (Inhumans v2 #2) Magisters were a type of priest or philosopher within Inhuman society. (Karnak v1 #1)

The Genetics Council in Marvel Graphic Novel v1 #39.

One body within their society was the Genetic Council that enforced the rules and traditions of their civilization. (Marvel Graphic Novel v1 #39) At one point, its membership consisted those that were chosen for their genetic superiority but later the council members were elected. (Inhumans: The Great Refuge v1 #1) It was the Genetic Council that took charge of their people's gene pool and determined which Inhuman another should marry in order to mix genes. This was because it was considered important for their people to survive by ensuring the best and brightest were born. Births and weddings were decided whereby they match gene codes and release unions along with giving breeding approvals. A goal of the Council was to ensure the purity of the Inhuman race. Such a viewed the effect of leading to some of their kind marrying people that they did not love and even abandoned a lover in order to marry the partner selected by the Genetic Council. These unions did lead to Inhumans claiming their own lives in suicides as they could endure the harsh strictly enforced ways enforced by the genetic laws. (Marvel Graphic Novel v1 #39)

There were a number of groupings within Inhuman society that included:

  • Crimson Cadre :
  • New Inhuman Elite :
  • Light Brigade

Within Inhuman civilization, there were a number of factions and splinter groups that included:

  • Avians :
  • Lor :
  • Ennilux : an ancient family that operated as a business known as the Ennilux Group that was ruled by the Capo and the corporation had branches around the world. However, the Enniluxians were dying out by the modern age over the past few generations which was why they began recruiting New Inhumans into their ranks. It was also operating an in-company breeding program to create new members of their kind. Their scientists had successfully been breeding a new Capo for each generation for thousands of years that was perfectly calibrated with intelligence, instinct and power to bring Ennilux forward. (Inhuman v1 #9)
  • Utolan : the inhabitants of this city was situated in Africa who splintered over the regulation of Terrigenesis as these Inhumans felt it unlocked the divine and offered transcendence. As such, they actively sought the transformation through the Terrigen Mists and established a hidden city that was largely automated that provided vegetable food matter whilst they focused on higher pursuits. The people of Utolan preferred an isolationist existence away from worldly affairs. Utolan was governed by the maternal council of elders that maintained a committee to monitor external affairs and defense was provided by its warrior champions who had undergone Terrigenesis. (All-New Inhumans v1 #7) Members of Utolan held Terrigenesis to be a divine religious experience and often sought strong Inhuman mates in order produe offspring that could survive the transformation process. However, the Utolanian gene pool was noted to had stagnated over the millennia causing more of these Inhumans to die during Terrigenesis leading to their maternal council pairing couples to ensure successful mating's. (All-New Inhumans v1 #8)
  • NuHumans :
  • Universal Inhumans :

When Attilan was in the Himalayas, the Inhumans practiced a ritual known as the Sky-Burial where deceased members of their kind were broken apart and chopped into small pieces that were laid onto the icy rocks to be consumed by vultures. For a time, it was considered an elegant rite that fitted the passage into the next world. (Inhuman v1 #9)

Their native language was known as Tilan. A currency within their society was Dren. (Fantastic Four Annual v1 #18)

One device was the Orb of Agon that created the Negative Zone barrier around the Great Refuge. (Avengers Unplugged v1 #6) A tool used to contain past events was the time-warping Historikon within the palace royal allowing history to be viewed. (Thor v1 #148) An important relic among their people was the Inhuman Codex that was a record of their entire genome from the beginning and had the power of shutting down the abilities of one of their kind. (Inhuman Annual v1 #1) Certain weapons were created through the use of Black Bolt's sonic screams with these being embedded in Vibranium to create echo-weapons and echo-skeleton armor. (Secret Invasion: War of Kings v1 #1)


Inhumans in Inhuman Annual v1 #1.
  • Randac :
  • Monan : a male scientist advisor of Randac alongside Kivvin and Eileen who had the formula for the Terrigen Crystals with him being an ancestor of Lineage. (Uncanny Inhumans v1 #18)
  • Agon : Chief Geneticist of Attilan who was the husband of Rynda and father of Black Bolt who experimented on his son giving him his great power. (Thor v1 #148)
  • Marista : (Inhumans v2 #1)
  • Tonaja : a young female Inhuman who liked Dinu though he was with Nahrees during the time when she along with her fellow students prepared for Terrigenesis. She became the first natural Flyer among the Inhumans in thirty years and took the name Archaepteryx as her code name. (Inhumans v2 #2)
  • Ultarnt : a female Inhuman who around a hundred years ago was commissioned by the Genetics Council to study the seemingly random nature of Terrigen mutations only to discover a pattern with her findings sealed. (Inhumans v2 #3)
  • Unspoken : a male former King that predated Black Bolt and was in fact his cousin whose reign became forgotten. He ordered the Slave Engine to be removed which brought about a rebellion from Prince Black Bolt and the royal family who deposed him. Overthrown, he refused to divulge the location of the Slave Engine and his name was removed from the records forever with him instead being referred to as the Unspoken. (Mighty Avengers v1 #27)
  • Oboroth : a male Inhuman priest that oversaw the Terrigenesis ritual of the young and was armed with an Endo-Staff that phased through bodies to disrupt bio-functions. (Uncanny X-Men: First Class v1 #2)
  • Dal Damoc : a male Inhuman tasked as Wayfinder by Black Bolt and left on the Moon when Attilan left for Kree space where he was tasked as summoner and proxy to his king in heralding a new age for their people by awaiting the arrival of the Universal Inhumans. (Fantastic Four v1 #577)
  • Eldrac : a male Inhuman, Eldrac the Doorway resembled an archway that could teleport people anyway and was once a politician of a minor faction among the Universal Inhumans until that role became redundant whereupon he served as a teleporter for his people. (Fantastic Four v1 #577)
  • Randac :
  • Arcadius : a male green skinned Chancellor that sat on the Genetics Council. (Fantastic Force v1 #5)
  • Kaliban :
  • Romnar : a male chemist who engaged in dark experiments centuries ago creating a forbidden substance that absorbed others thus gaining energy which was accidently released where it killed thousands before it was contained. (Incredible Hulk Special v1 #1)
  • Hub : formerly known as Hubartes Plutaris, Hub the Living Engine channeled powerful energies that left him in great pain but he operated as a power source for the Inhuman Royal Vessel. (All-New Inhumans v1 #3)
  • Marishi Spin : male member of the Ennilux tribe and representative of Ennilux Corporation. (Uncanny Inhumans v1 #6)
  • Nadara : (Marvel Two-In-One v1 #71)
  • Webelos : a member of the Genetics Council. (Fantastic Four Annual v1 #18)
  • Phyty : female white skinned telepath. (New Avengers v1 #24)
  • Phadros : male scientist and husband to Thera where they subjected their son to Terrigen in utero. Initially, the child seemed to possess no powers which saddened the couple but after another exposure he gradually developed psionic powers to manipulate and animate the earth. (Alpha Flight/Inhumans Annual v1 1998)
  • Thera : a female scientist and wife to Phadros where they subjected their son to Terrigen in utero. Initially, the child seemed to possess no powers which saddened the couple but after another exposure he gradually developed psionic powers to manipulate and animate the earth. (Alpha Flight/Inhumans Annual v1 1998)
  • Randall Jessup : a blonde haired male descendant of Inhumans who came to be a scientist working on renewable energies that worked on Bruce Banner's science team. When the Terrigen Mist was released into the world, Jessup came to discover that he had Inhuman genes and was enveloped in a cocoon where he emerged into a monster that fed on strong emotions. (Indestructible Hulk v1 #18)


  • The Inhumans were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where they made their first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #45 (December, 1965).
  • In an interview regarding the Infinity miniseries, Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort described the Inhumans as: "They're not like a team of superheroes. They're a demographic — being an Inhuman is like being Cuban, like being Irish. Within that strata, there are good guys and bad guys and bystanders and guys who just want to do their job and go home and drink an Inhuman Löwenbräu and kick back."
  • According to Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising v1 #1 (1995), the Inhumans had ancestral ties to the isle of Atlantis.
  • In Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe v1 #5 (1983), one period noted was centuries ago when the Inhuman ruler Gral came to power who grew tired of the discrimination felt towards the non-human looking minority. He instituted a reign of terror where he exposed the population to the Terrigen Mists against their will thus transforming three quarters of the population. These Inhumans were turned into non-humanoid types thus altering their genetic destinies for untold generations with further Terrigen exposure only furthering the mutation. For years, Inhumans were segregated into Mutation Camps with them being forced to live among their own basic phenotypes. This period ended when Gral was deposed and an Inhuman named Auran taught his people to accept their diversities in peace.
  • According to Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe v2 #6 (1986), the native language of the Inhumans was known as Tilan.

Alternate Versions

  • In Fantastic Four v2 #13, the World War III saw a cross over between Marvel and Wildstorm universes that were amalgamated. This reality saw the Daemonites being revealed to the world who were defeated by the planet's united heroes but the alien invaders allied themselves with the Skrulls and Doctor Doom creating a powerful alliance. In this reality, the Inhuman city of Attilan was destroyed in what was described as a cowardly attack with several of their people splintering among the planet's various superhero groups. Among these saw Gorgon being a member of the WildC.A.T.S and Karnak joining S.H.I.E.L.D.s elite Black Knights squad.
  • In Earth X v1 (1999), the Inhumans appeared in the alternate world setting of universe Earth-9997. The Inhumans shared a similar origin as their mainstream versions with these having been humans experimented on by the Kree who unlocked a genetic potential in them that was created by the Celestials. These Inhumans rebelled against their creators and created their own secret hidden civilization on Earth.
  • In Marvel Knights Millennial Visions v1 #2001 (2002), an alternate version of the Inhumans were shown in a universe designated as Earth-8734. It was shown that in this reality the Kree had created the Inhumans to be Galactus-level entities that were tasked with depopulating entire worlds for them to conquer. The Inhumans eventually embrace their evolutionary heritage where they turn on the Kree and destroy Hala where in response they summon Galactus himself to deal with them. They were then responsible for killing Galactus though a rift formed in the fabric of the universe as a result with Black Bolt staying to prevent it from killing all of existence.
  • In Fantastic Four: The End v1 (2006), an alternate future was shown where the Inhumans had a similar backstory as being creations of genetic manipulation by the Kree before being left on Earth. A new era was created in this setting when Reed Richards heralded a utopia with the world changing as mankind advanced to expand through the solar system. The Inhumans had moved themselves to Mars which was terraformed into a more habitable world with it being populated by their kind. Its said that human looking Inhumans tended to wear masks out of tradition as it was a symbolic act of being a public apology for looking too human. Since moving to Mars, a number of fundamentalists formed among the Inhumans that wanted a resurgence in the old ways.
  • In the Mangaverse, the Inhumans were native to the planet Attilan until it was attacked and consumed by Galactus despite the best efforts of its inhabitants. As a result, the inhabitants fled onto the surface of Galactus in order to survive where they settled in the area known as the Savage Land where they battled Lava Men as they attempted to destroy the world eater.

In other media


  • In Fantastic Four, the Inhumans featured in the animated series adaptation of the comic storyline was introduced in the Inhuman Saga three part episode. During the story arc, its revealed by the Seeker that their people were created by the experimentation of the Kree. After their creation, the Inhumans created an advanced civilization when mankind were simple primitives living in caves. As mankind's numbers grew, they began to attack the Inhumans who decided to retreat into the Great Refugee and keep their existence a secret from the world. By the modern age, their ruler was Black Bolt but a scheme by his mad brother Maximus saw him wiping the mind of Medusa and sending her into the world. She would make her way into Paris where she resorted to stealing money in order to survive which attracted the attention of the Wizard who inducted her into his Frightful Four. In this time, unknown to her she was being pursued by the Inhuman Royal Family when Black Bolt left the throne to find his beloved allowing Maximus to gain control of Attilan. After the Frightful Four's defeat by the Fantastic Four, Medusa was recovered by Gorgon and regained her memory where she along with the Royal Family sought to escape the Seeker but were captured where they returned to Attilan. With the aid of the Fantastic Four, they managed to defeat Maximus the Mad and restore Black Bolt to the throne thus ending the hostilities his brother intended to bring to the world. However, as a consequence, they were forced to remain behind the protective barrier of the Great Refugee.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, the Inhumans made a number of appearances in the animated series. In "Agent Web", it was revealed that humans were not allowed in the cities of this secret society of superpowered beings with all Inhuman settlements being hidden. Their most sacred city was Atarog situated in the mountains of Tibet that had been abandoned for unknown reasons with other Inhumans forbidden from entering it. Inhuman builders constructed a series of booby traps to be used against anyone entering it with some of these responding to voice commands in the Inhuman language. Among the traps included stairwells composed from the Vapors of Valtorr that dinsibtegrated into mists, the legendary giant carnivorous plant Guardian Vines, swarms of green small flying Insectaloids and the mythical giant bipedal robot Mechano.
  • In Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H, the Inhumans would make an appearance in the episode "Inhuman Nature". They were said to be a pre-human tribe of advanced beings with superhuman abilities given to them through experiments made by an alien race. During their early existence, they lived alongside mankind on Earth but were feared and hated for being different. As a result, the Inhumans all isolated themselves in the hidden city of Attilan in the Himalayas where they were protected by an energy barrier. Under the reign of King Black Bolt, they continued this existence to the modern age where his brother Maximus who served as Minister of Defense warned against any contact with the outside world as he said that humans would seek to destroy them. The young Inhuman known as Crystal would break this edict and have the teleporting Lockjaw transport her to a beach where she encountered the gamma powered Rick Jones who operated as A-Bomb. Her cousin Triton would take her back though Rick Jones also got teleported back to Attilan. This led to a confrontation between the Inhumans and Hulk's team where the Royal Family were betrayed by Maximus who intended to use the Atmo-Gun to destroy humanity. He was defeated by the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. and the Inhuman Royal Family which convinced Black Bolt to rescind the order isolating his people from mankind. Maximus would attempt one last betrayal by raising the protective barrier to forever separate his people from the world. However, Black Bolt would unleash his voice that completely destroyed the barrier allowing the Inhumans to interact with the rest of the Earth.
  • In Guardians of the Galaxy, the Inhumans made an appearance in the animated series in the episode "Crystal Blue Persuasion". They were a hyper-evolved by the Kree into genetically superior beings from a tribe of humans on ancient Earth. After the Kree departed, the Inhumans created their own civilization following the discovery of Terrigen Crystals that gave them super-human abilities. However, the Terrigen plague erupted that slowly crystalized their kind and they launched their city of Attilan into space in search of their creators whilst they slumbered in stasis. Maximus managed to find a cure for the plague and sought to make himself the Supreme Leader of the Inhumans and decided to serve the Kree Ronan the Accuser. Ronan, however, saw them as abominations that needed to be cleansed and it was only with the aid of the Guardians of the Galaxy were the Inhumans cured of the plague. By this point, the Inhumans were at a crossroads as they decided whether to seek out their Kree creators or return back to Earth.
  • In Avengers Assemble, the Inhumans featured in the animated television series season 3 episode "Inhumans Among Us". They were stated to be an isolationist race that lived apart from humanity and believed mankind only feared them. Their leader was King Black Bolt who ruled over their people at their home in Attilan. It was discovered that a number of Inhumans had gone into the world where they had children with these descendants unaware of their Inhuman heritage until exposure to the Terrigen Mists. In "Captain Marvel", Kree Galen-Kor was responsible for abducting the New Inhumans in order to use them as living weapons for the Kree empire but was stopped by Captain Marvel along with the Avengers who returned the Inhumans to Attilan.
  • In Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., though not named allusions are made to the Inhumans in the shows second season culminating in the midseason cliff hanger episode "What They Become". Their origins were revealed in the episode "Aftershock" with them being tied to the experiments of the Kree in the study of Terrigenesis. Eons ago, they were involved in a devastating war and sought to create an advantage for their side. A vicious faction in their empire began conducting experiments on various worlds where they took the native lifeforms and modified them to become living weapons through Terrigenesis. These experiments were believed to had failed but on Earth they were a success but they were out of control forcing them to shut it down. However, a number of the modified humans existed and spread within their civilization where the majority were unaware of their true nature. To prevent Terrigenesis, the six Diviner keys that contained the Terrigen Crystals were kept stored away. Vin-Tak believed that the Kree empire if they learnt of active Inhumans would come to Earth to claim their slave-soldiers. An ancient underground temple city was shown to reside beneath San Juan and mentions were made of super-powered beings that were beyond human with their existence uncovered by Hydra Agent Daniel Whitehall. According to him, there existed a race of alien beings that came to Earth and uplifted select members of mankind with the goal of transforming Earth. Among their number included Skye's mother who remained young from World War II until the modern day when Doctor Whitehall experimented on her to restore his youth. He would discover a relic known as the Diviner and discovered the underground city where Raina acquired the artifact whilst being pursued by Skye. The pair would enter into a special chamber in the city where they were exposed to a mist emitted from a crystal within the Diviner once placed on a pedestal with Skye along with Raina transformed into superpowered beings. The transformation alerted another Diviner with an eyeless Inhuman named Gordon making a call to his comrades where he stated he would investigate it. Among the Inhumans was Jiaying who was Skye's mother whose gift gave her a long lifespan allowing her to remain young where she helped shepherd juvenile Inhumans through the Terrigenesis process with the teleporter Gordon being one of them. In "Afterlife", their society resided in an enclave known as Lai-Shi that did not translate properly from Chinese which was why they called it Afterlife. It was described as being a waystation and its location was only known to the teleporter Gordon with the Inhumans using it as a stop-over and temporary refuge with no one staying their permanently. A number of individuals served as Transitioners to help them through the tranformation. Terrigenesis was a tradition that went through countless generations with descendants carefully selected to undergo the process. The Elders were a group within their society that was responsible for guiding the Inhumans.
  • In Inhumans, the Inhumans appeared in the live-action television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was shown that they once resided on Earth but long ago they decided to relocate their city of Attilan to the Moon though some inhabitants remaining behind on their world with their descendants surviving among mankind. They were headed by the Royal Family with another governing body being the Genetics Council with the Royal Guard serving as law enforcement. It was shown that they made use of a caste system with Terrigenesis being used to unlock their full potential with useful powers leading to an individual rising up their societal ladder whilst those with non-useful traits being relegated to slaves in the mines. They remained in hiding on their city on Earth's Moon with it being cloaked from visual scans. During the reign of King Black Bolt, the ruler secretly sent Triton to Earth in the wake of the Terrigen outbreak causing the emergence of Inhumans on Earth as he intended to bring them to Attilan to safety.


  • In Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, Inhumans appeared in the setting of the animated film. A large number of them were created when the Terrigen Mist went across the world.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, the Inhumans appeared in the video game where they offered their home of Attilan as a temporary headquarters for the heroes after Doctor Doom had stolen Odin's power.
  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, a number of Inhumans appeared in the Facebook video game. In "Special Operations - Inhumans", the Black Order targeted the Inhumans as they searched for Thane on behalf of their master Thanos.
  • In Marvel: Future Fight, a number of Inhumans appeared as playable character in the iOS video game.
  • In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, the Inhumans appeared in the setting of the Wii video game. They were said to be an people that were genetically engineered long ago where they lived in isolation from the other races on Earth. This led to them becoming isolationists due to the persecution from humanity and they were noted to had been involved in a conflict with Mutants. The majority of their kind resided in the floating city of Attilan that hid behind the Moon but it was known that they had other ancient colonies such as Orollan that was devastated by the Black Order. This resulted in the young Thane being the only survivor where he came to find shelter in Attilan. The Avengers sought out the aid of the Inhumans to fight against the Mad Titan Thanos who was looking to claim the Infinity Stones.


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  • New Avengers v3 #10: "The Thanos Seed" (2013)

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