Jane Penward

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Lady Jane Penward was the wife of Sir Darren Penward. She was a nymphomaniac and unfaithful to her husband. She cheated on him with reporter David Pascal when Pascal was trying to gain information about her husband's private zoo. When Pascal was captured by Penward and locked up in his mansion, Jane promised to free him, but only if he'd permanently commit to her. He reluctantly agreed, and she released him. However, on the way out, they saw Pascal's ex-girlfriend and fellow reporter Jenny Stamper being brought in by Penward's henchmen, and Pascal insisted they rescue her. This prompted the mentally unstable Jane to fly into a rage and release all of her husband's cloned dinosaurs from captivity to run amok throughout the English countryside. She was then abducted by a mortally wounded Penward and driven to an isolated farmhouse. He locked her inside with a single dinosaur egg, which hatched into a baby tyrannosaurus. The infant dinosaur ate her.

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