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Jenny Hall is the wife of George Hall and the owner of the Coach and Horses Inn in Iping. A very friendly, down-to-earth woman who enjoyed socializing with her guests, Mrs. Hall was continually frustrated by the mysterious Griffin's refusal to talk with her, and his repeated temper tantrums.

The Invisible Man film

Jenny Hall

Wife of Herbert Hall and owner of the Lion's Head Inn in Iping, Jenny Hall was an extremely shrewd and pushy woman. She owned the Lion's Head more than her husband did, and while Herbert's only job was to tend the popular bar at the inn, Jenny personally took care of their guests. When a stranger named Jack Griffin appeared during the snowy season, his face hidden by concealing bandages and dark goggles, demanding a room, Jenny was initially suspicious because it was rare for any travellers to turn up at this time of year looking for a room at the Lion's Head, and rumors began to circulate among the regulars of the bar that perhaps Griffin was a fugitive from justice.

Nevertheless, business was business and Jenny showed Griffin to his room without questioning him. As it turned out, Griffin was no fugitive (yet, anyway), but rather a scientist who had come to the Lion's Head Inn to conduct a crucial experiment in quiet and secrecy. Unfortunately, quiet and secrecy were two things Jenny Hall did not provide. Although she meant well, her constant attempts to befriend Griffin and bring him his room service despite his repeated objections caused the stranger to fly into a rage and throw her out of his room. Shocked, Jenny demanded that Herbert go and kick Griffin out or else she would leave him. When Griffin attacked Herbert and injured him, Jenny, hysterical, sent some of the inn's regulars to fetch Constable Jaffers.

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