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Kal Kent is a male comic superhero who features in DC Comics.



Kal Kent

Whilst at Metropolis Multiversity, he met Lori Lombard-Thorul who believed she was destined to be the true love of Superman. This was until Heartiac transferred to the Multiversity and Kal began spending time with her instead. As a result, Thorul became the supervillain One Woman Adversary Chamber (O.W.A.C.) and a foe of that era’s Superman. (DC One Million 80-Page Giant v1 #1000000)

He journeyed to the 5th Dimension to help his cousin a fellow Superman from that realm to battle an invasion of Carnivorous Colours from the Outer Spectrum. Kal’s 5-D hearing managed to pick up a warning from the Batman of his era that the criminal Epoch intended to break into his Fortress of Solitude. Thus, Kal Kent travelled back into the 3rd Dimension and alongside Batman they confronted the supervillain. (Superman/Batman v1 #79)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

These fifth-dimensional super-senses were able to allow him to determine if he was trapped within a time loop. He could link his senses through his super-ESP to allow others to mentally break from the loop. (Superman/Batman v1 #80)

By shouting Namrepus which was saying Superman backwards, he was able to shunt himself into the 5th Dimension. He could then return himself back to normal space at any point as Kal was able to move himself between those realms. (Superman/Batman v1 #80)


  • The Kal Kent Superman was created by Grant Morrison and Val Semeiks where he made his first appearance in JLA v1 #23 (October, 1998).

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