Karl Hussman

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Karl Hussman was the grandson of Burgomaster Hussman, who lived in the town of Reigelberg with his wife Rita Hussman. Karl accompanied his wife and grandfather to the fair where they encountered Dr. Gustav Niemann (in the guise of the late Prof. Lampini's brother) exhibiting his Chamber of Horrors. On their way home the family were offered a ride by the mysterious Baron Latos, a ride they accepted little knowing Latos was in fact the infamous Count Dracula.

A short time later, Karl began to notice that Rita was behaving strangely after the Baron gave her his signet ring as a gift, and Karl's efforts to remove the ring from his wife's finger were fruitless. Heading downstairs to alert his grandfather to the trouble, Karl discovered the old Burgomaster dead, a victim of Dracula. While Karl was phoning family friend Inspector Arnz, Dracula came and abducted Rita. Karl met up with Inspector Arnz and his squad of policemen, and they hurriedly pursued the evil vampire's carriage. Following a betrayal by Dr. Niemann, who abandoned Dracula's coffin, the vampire was turned to a skeleton by the rising sun, and Karl was reunited with his wife.Hussman, Karl

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