Kevin Wendell Crumb

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Kevin Wendell Crumb is a male film character who features in Split.



Kevin Wendell Crumb

When Kevin was a child, his father left on a train, and Kevin never saw him again, as his father presumably died. This left him to live with his abusive mother, who often physically threatened him with a coat hanger. As he was abused, he began to develop multiple alters as a defense mechanism, ultimately developing 23 individual alters, each of which spontaneously took control over his body and subjugated the original Kevin. He comes to believe that the "Unbroken" - people who have not suffered in life - are worthless, and only those who have survived suffering and come out stronger deserve to live.

As an adult who works at the Philadelphia Zoo - kidnaps three teenage girls, intent on "sacrificing" them to "The Beast", a monstrous, cannibalistic creature that serves as Kevin's most fearsome alter. He kills two of the girls, as well as his therapist, Karen Fletcher, who came to his house when another of his alters emailed for help. Kevin becomes dominant for the first time in two years, and is so horrified by what his alters have done that he begs the surviving girl, Casey Cooke, to kill him with his own rifle. At that moment, all of his alters invade his mind at once to stop him, until "The Beast" takes control and pursues Casey through the catacombs of the zoo. Casey shoots him twice, but the bullets have little effect. She locks herself in a cage, but he bends the bars back. As he prepares to strike, however, he notices that Casey is covered in scars, and is therefore "not like the others" and spares her life. Kevin escapes the zoo as Casey is rescued by police and becomes a notorious fugitive, dubbed "The Horde" by the media.


Personality and attributes

Since Crumb lives with DID, he has multiple personalities with these including:

  • Hedwig : shown to be innocent and ends sentences with "etcetera" frequently.
  • The Beast : was feral and growls at others.

Powers and abilities

Crumb uses his other personalities to his advantage, even when trying to talk to people.


  • Kevin Wendell Crumb was created by M. Night Shyamalan with him being portrayed by actor James McAvoy.
  • M. Night Shyamalan has cited a number of inspirations for the character of Kevin including the 1957 film The Three Faces of Eve, Shirley Ardell Mason (aka Sybil) who was famously reputed to have dissociative identity disorder, and Billy Milligan, who was the first person diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder to use an insanity defense by reason of that disorder, and also first to be acquitted thus.


  • Split: (2016)
  • Glass: (2019)

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