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The Khunds are an alien race that feature in DC Comics.




Much of the Khund Empire resided in a region of space known as Space Sector 422. (Wonder Woman v3 #19)

Following their defeat, it was known that the Khunds had grown even more violent. Despite this being the case, they came to revere Wonder Woman who they called the Destroyer and believed her to be an Avatar of Havoc as well as a Lord of Pain. Whilst many heroes were responsible for defeating the Alliance, the Khunds came to to the belief that Wonder Woman was part Khund as the only explanation on how a female warrior was able to defeat them. This deep founded respect was to such an extent that their civilization created statues in her image though these took the appearance of Khunds in order to make her more attractive to their kind as they found her human form to be ugly. Thus, legends spoke of her amongst their society and even their philosophers debated on her ideals. (Wonder Woman v3 #18)

The arrival of the Ichor to the Khund homeworld was a threat that their fighting forces were unable to defeat. In fact, the alien threat easily managed to push aside to Khund response who struggled in battling this foe that had slain millions in their rampage. (Wonder Woman v3 #18) The reason the god-like race known as the Ichor came to the Khund homeworld was with the intention of exterminating the Khund due to their crimes perpetrated on the cosmos. (Wonder Woman v3 #19) To that end, it was decided that an expedition would be launched to Earth in order to honor Wonder Woman and enlist her aid against the danger posed by the Ichor. One of their reasonings for choosing her was they believed her to be part Khund and that she would seek to protect her people. (Wonder Woman v3 #18) In reality, the reasoning behind the Khund Emperor agreeing to this plan was because they intended for Wonder Woman to serve as a distraction to the Green Lantern Procanan Kaa who was protecting the Ichor. This allowed them to launch a surprise suicide attack with the intention of dispersing radiation to kill all their foes but they were stopped by the Green Lantern and Wonder Woman. At the same time, Etta Candy convinced the Ichor to end their attack on the Khund homeworld which they agreed but made Wonder Woman responsible for any crimes committed by the Khund Empire. In an effort to end future hostilities, Wonder Woman had Procanan Kaa induct Kho into the Green Lantern Corps to police the Khund race. (Wonder Woman v3 #19)



Though ferocity may vary among individuals, one Khundian was indistinguishable from one another. (Invasion! v1 #1)

They were considered among one of the most brutal races known and never forgave a defeat. (Wonder Woman v3 #18) Their reputation meant that they were held as an innately savage species and amongst the most brutal race of warmongers in the universe. (Invasion v1 #1) Ultimately, they were conquerors that was part of their souls and preferred death before defeat. In fact, they believed that only Khunds were allowed to kill their own kind. (Wonder Woman v3 #19) Khund society lived for war with it serving as their music, science and lifeblood. Their civilization held no concept of a universal etiquette for combat. Honor was attributed to combat with dying with an enemy's jugular in a Khund's throat as being seen as an honorable death. However, they deeply respected and revered great warriors to the point that they "honored" such beings by sending large mighty forces to fight them. They had a few philosophers who were noted to debate the thought processes of such warriors as seen with Wonder Woman who they struggled to understand her ideals which were beyond their comprehension. The Khunds even came to the belief that Wonder Woman was part-Khund as an explanation as to how she bested them during the invasion of Earth. (Wonder Woman v3 #18)

Their elite combat-castes were noted to hold warrior sages that put young fighters through disciplined training. (Legion Worlds v1 #4)

The Khund Empire were ruthless in their conquests and referred to all planets that they conquer as "mud worlds". Once conquered, the inhabitants of these planets were enslaved and forced to assist in their own genocide. During this time, the Khunds plundered the resources of the world and burnt entire cities to the ground. (Wonder Woman v3 #19) They believed that individuals should look after themselves and according to their tradition this trait passed to those under their stewardship. (Green Lantern v5 #30)

They believed that bodies were simple carcasses and that it was only the weapon gear of a Khund that mattered to them as a true warrior. (Green Lantern v5 #30)

A practice made by their kind was the Hunago that was conducted by young warriors that underwent training for the course of challenge. Bright lights were used to deprive them of sleep until they entered into a trance-like state of extreme vigilance whereupon the trainee could envision this light in their mind even when the physical one was removed. This was used to keep them awake whereby the Hunago Method kept a Khund in an alert and combat ready across many days. (Legion Worlds v1 #4)

The national dish was seen as unpleasant food for human as it moved even when ingested and took to the person who ate it. (Wonder Woman v3 #18)

Ceremonial throat knives were considered a favored weapon among the Khund. (Green Lantern v5 #30) One weapon used by the species was radioactive suicide bombs which they used to not only kill large numbers of their own kind but devastate their enemies. (Wonder Woman v3 #19)

Their fleets included battlegroups which could consist of heavy cruisers, super-heavies and thousands of Hurtha-class interceptors. (Legion Worlds v1 #4)


  • Kharhi : a male Khund who became the Khund Emperor's Advisor and sent to Earth in order to recruit Wonder Woman's aid against the Ichor. (Wonder Woman v3 #18)
  • Kho : female Khund who was the daughter of Kharhi and served as a corporal in their armed forces. She held a great deal of reverance to Wonder Woman with Diana seen as a celebrity amongst the Khund race. (Wonder Woman v3 #18)
  • Saral : male Khund corporal who served under Kharhi. (Wonder Woman v3 #19)
  • Baaka Khu : male Khund Captain during the war against the Green Lantern Corps who lost a duel against Hal Jordan at the neutral Oasis Bay leading to his crew killing him in order to preserve his honor. (Green Lantern v5 #30)
  • Zaryan : male known as Zaryan the Conqueror who lived in the 30th century and was responsible for the death of Lightning Lad (Adventure Comics v1 #499)


  • Khunds were created by Jim Shooter where they made their first appearance Adventure Comics v1 #346 (July, 1966).

In other media

Khund in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights.


  • In Justice League Unlimited, the Khunds make a minor appearance in the Episode "Shadow of the Hawk" where they attack Hawkgirl whilst Carter Hall observes her defeating the aliens from the background.
  • In Legion of Super Heroes Episode "Champions", the Khunds were only mentioned by name but not seen in the cartoon series.
  • In Supergirl, a Khund featured in the episode "Falling" with the individual being a criminal who was sentenced by Allura In-Ze to Fort Rozz prison. The Khund escaped was on the rampage when Supergirl and the D.E.O. arrived on the scene to arrest him.


  • In Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, the Khunds made a minor appearance in the animated film as part of Kilowog's backstory involving his training instructor Sergeant Deegan during the invasion of the planet Chiraka. During the battle, the Green Lanterns were deployed where Kilowog along with three other recruits participated in defending the planet with Deegan. However, Deegan himself sacrificed his life to destroy a Khund energy cannon which allowed Kilowog to defeat the remaining invading forces. In Laira's backstory, its shown that the Khunds also invaded the planet Jayd where they slaughtered many until the ruler, the Golden Dragon, worked alongside Green Lantern Galius Zed but were unable to defeat them. Afterwards, the Golden Dragon struck back against the aliens where he destroyed many of the Khundian forces in space.


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