Kira Ford

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Kira Ford is a teenager with aspirations of becoming a singing sensation much like Avril Lavigne. She has shown her vocal skills to be impressive in both private and public performances, and like the other Rangers, hides fear that her destiny as a Ranger may take priority over her personal dreams. Kira isn't like the female Rangers of the past- she has her own unique identity and isn't part of any "in-crowd".

She is a member of a band, which got its first public performance at a local internet cafe called Hayley's Cyberspace- which also has more links to her Ranger destiny than everyone else suspected. Kira transforms into the the Yellow Ranger with the Ptera Morpher, using the power of the Yellow Dino Gem. The gem gave her the DNA power of sound, enabling her to perform a sonic scream capable of incapacitating enemies when in a jam, also known as the Ptera Scream. She is armed with the Ptera Grips - two handheld daggers that make her a lethal force. The Yellow Ranger also has her own Raptor Rider and Raptor Cycle, as well as commanding the Ptera Zord.

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