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Koragg the Knight Wolf is a male television character who features in Power Rangers.




Twenty years prior to the series, Leanbow led the other Mystics in the Great Battle against the Supreme Master of the Underworld, and his Forces of Darkness - the undead hordes under Morticon - in order to prevent them entering the human realm. The forces of good magic eventually forced the Forces of Darkness through the Gate of the Underworld, with Leanbow personally taking on Morticon at one point. In order to keep the Forces of Darkness from escaping the Underworld, he held back the Darkness hordes from the Gate while Niella, the Gatekeeper, sealed both it and Leanbow into the Underworld. In this single act, Leanbow would be lost to the Forces of Darkness and Niella would use up the rest of her powers as the Gatekeeper, giving up her life force in the process. For twenty years, Udonna and the others thought that they had lost Leanbow forever, killed in the battle that ensued behind the gate. But in reality, Leanbow had survived to reach and seal the Master - but before he fell, the Master was able to transform his enemy into his most loyal minion, Koragg. Though devoid of the memories of his old self, Koragg retained a few aspects of his previous life such as honor manifest in refusal to destroy a foe he considers to be weaker, citing such an action as a waste of his time and energy.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

While serving the Master, Koragg could combine with his metallic steed Catastros to become a giant centaur, or the stronger Centaurus Wolf Megazord.

Being a powerful, well-versed sorcerer, he could and often did enlarge himself or defeated monsters to gigantic proportions with his dark magic. He also has admirable fighting skills in addition to his magic, and uses his saber effectively in battle. Similarly, the Shield of Darkness he carried also contained the hidden "Eye of the Master", making it a useful offensive weapon. When in battle with the Power Rangers, Koragg could reveal the eye to unleash the "Wolf Attack", powerful energy blasts in the shape of wolf heads. The Wolf Attack was extremely powerful, and very few managed to actually escape it. Nick was able to successfully stop it, using a shield. The other rangers and Daggeron could merely dodge or jump through it. Another unique attack involved the shield being thrust into the ground, whereupon it discharges a shockwave of powerful energy towards the intended target. He could also utilize his magic and skills with his sword to use the "Dark Magic Strike."

His extreme levels of power were gained by the Master personally giving him regular boosts.

As Leanbow, he has access to his Ancient Mystic Mode, a form that is more powerful and has access to much more powerful magics, such as his Mystic Force Fire Strike. He also has an attack that is identical to his Magiranger counterpart, Wolzard Fire, the attack being the Blazing Storm Slash. Aside from possibly Nick with the Battlizer, Leanbow is easily the most powerful member of the Mystic Force.


  • Koragg the Knight Wolf was portrayed by actor Geoff Dolan where he featured in the setting of Power Rangers Mystic Force.

In other media

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  • Power Rangers Mystic Force:

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