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The Kromaggs are a militaristic Human species that feature in the tv show Sliders.



The Kromagg were a humanoid race native to an alternate world that was known as Kromagg Prime. (Episode: Common Ground) It was believed that they originated from a world that was similar to Earth that was a jungle planet with cities built among the trees that were so tall that they were massive even when compared to redwoods. A theory held them to be a product of the 'killer ape' theory as postulated by the anthropologist Dreyar in the 1960's that spoke of an early primate species that killed off its rivals. It was suspected that the Kromaggs ancestors had killed off the early human ancestors rather than be an evolutionary dead end thus being a vindication of Dreyar's theory. In time, they became to dominate their world with their Earth being noted for its hellish environment. The Kroagg fell into endless tribal warfare between their various factions. This was until their discovery of Sliding technology leading to them finding multiple versions of Earth that were dominated by Homo Sapiens. This led to them perceiving mankind as a threat to their existence with fear and hatred uniting them forcing them to form a single military government known as the Kromagg Dynasty that was devoted to Sliding to other Earths in order to conquer them. (Episode: Invasion) Michael Mallory and Elizabeth Mallory were said to had defeated the Kromaggs by inventing a weapon that removed them from their world. This saw them cloaking their Earth that was Kromagg Prime in a Slidecage that prevented the Kromaggs from returning. (Episode: Revelations)

After they were exiled from Kromagg Prime, the race began a process of stopping their tribal wars with one another and united into a single government known as the Kromagg Dynasty. Once this was accomplished, they began the advancement of dimensional travel technology and set about building an empire. They travelled from world to world claiming them under the banner of brutal occupation as they set about reclaiming the homeworld.

One world that fell under their control was an alternate Earth which they referred to as Kromagg Outpost 66. (Episode: Invasion)



They breathed a standard oxygen/nitrogen mix similar to humans. Despite their appearance, they were not regarded as aliens but similar to humanity. (Episode: Invasion)

The members of the Kromagg race are physically strong as well as mentally more advanced then normal Humans.

The residual effect of a weapon used against them in the past left Kromagg women genetically mutated to the point that they died two days after giving birth to offspring. (Episode: The Dying Fields) They are capable of breeding with Humans creating a hybrid race that were children of both parent species (Episode: Genesis) Such offspring were referred to as Humaggs due to their dual nature. (Episode: Mother and Child)

One of their powers was the ability of hypnotic suggestion. (Episode: Invasion) This made them masters of mental manipulation with them able to make people see what they wanted to see. (Episode: Genesis) This allowed them to develop very sophisticated mind-control techniques. (Episode: Asylum)

They make use of telepathy as a means of communicating with others over a limited range and use it to fly their manta ships. However, this takes a great deal of effort. Other noted telepathic talents includes altering the perception of Humans making them believe that the Kromagg appears as a Human.

Healing is a another ability of the Kromaggs which can be accomplished through a simple touch or thought.

Another unique talent of their kind was a form of mind control healing techniques which could be taught to humans. (Episode: Asylum)


It was noted that the Kromaggs acted with a crystal-like willful intelligence. (Episode: The Other Side of Darkness) They were noted for being a warrior race who were believed to be native to a parallel world. (Episode: Genesis) As a people, they were referred to as marauders and killed that ate the eyes of their enemies such as humans. They claimed to be a civilised people but were known to keep prisoners where some were used for slave labor whilst others became food. (Episode: Invasion) They rejected human emotions as being a kind of sickness and instead saw themselves as warriors and hunters. (Episode: The Dying Fields) The Kromaggs captured entire planets they had discovered and enslaved the native population. (Episode: Genesis) Whilst noted to conquer other worlds they encountered, the Kromaggs were at times shown to negotiate with some planets whereby they gained natural resources whilst allowing the natives to retain control over their world. (Episode: Asylum) It was said that they did not like to suffer losses and avenged these defeats with merciless ferocity. (Episode: Invasion) They were said to not show mercy as it was not in their nature. (Episode: Common Ground)

Originally, their society was fraught in endless tribal warfare until they were shocked to see other versions of Earth being dominated by Homo Sapiens. They experienced fear and hatred at this discovery which unified them leading to their factions forming a single military government. Their empire came to be referred to as the Kromagg Dynasty that sought to conquer other versions of Earth through Sliding technology. As such, a common enemy came to be responsible for uniting the entire species in their hatred as they stopped venting their aggressions against each other. (Episode: Invasion) One of the positions within the government was that of the Foreign Minister whilst in the military a senior rank was that of the High Commander. (Episode: Asylum) Among their soldiers were commando units that were deployed on missions such as capture or termination. Their military followed the dictates provided by the Dynasty Directives that dictated penalties such as death. (Episode: Mother and Child) Data and information were kept within the confines of the Kromagg Central Data Bank. (Episode: Mother and Child)

They were known to make use of humans to do more menial lower tasks with some being in-docked whilst others cooperated with the Kromaggs willingly. They established breeding camps in order to develop cross-species Kromaggs who were mated from other races. (Episode: Genesis) They established breeding colonies whereby female humans were used as incubation for the birth of half-human/half-Kromagg children. Female humans were used as Kromagg women died as a result of a mutation that caused them to die two days after giving birth with this being a death sentence for their kind. As such, the Dynasty had no choice but to create crossbreeds and created hybrids. The children born were bred and raised to serve the Kromagg people loyally as soldiers with them going through training by the Dynasty. The were taught that their Kromagg blood made them warriors and they hunted humans to never forget their nature and that mankind was prey to them. (Episode: The Dying Fields) The Humagg babies were taken from their human mothers at nine months of age where afterwards they were trained to become soldiers. (Episode: Mother and Child) Kromaggs established re-education camps where dissident humans were sent to alter their behaviour in operating in their masters government. (Episode: Common Ground) They were known to use human doctors when their own medical service could not handle the native microbes of certain worlds. (Episode: Asylum)

Their technology was shown to be highly evolved. (Episode: Genesis) They later became the masters of the gravitational sciences where they learned to harness the Earth. (Episode: Invasion) It was noted that the Kromagg's had done some interesting work on cross-species replication. (Episode: Genesis)

The Kromagg at some point discovered Sliding technology allowing them to travel across dimensions to encounter alternate versions of the universe. (Episode: Invasion) A doomsday weapon that was designed to resonate a specific DNA pattern allowing them to kill humans and not Kromaggs. (Episode: Common Ground)


  • Kamvax : the Foreign Minister of the Kromagg Dynasty who negotiated for natural resources of one alternate Earth whereby he came into an agreement with that world's version of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. (Episode: Asylum)
  • Kronus : a male General in the Kromagg military that was charged in the training of the Human/Kromagg hybrid subjects. (Episode: The Dying Fields)
  • Kolitar :


  • The Kromagg appeared as antagonists in the series Sliders where they made their first appearance in the episode "Invasion".

Alternate Versions

  • In Revelations, an alternate version of the Kromaggs were shown native to a world that was designated as Kromagg Double Prime. These were a docile and meek version of the species that had low intelligence with these being the victims of a genocidal purge by humans on their world.


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