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Kronotek is an organization that features in the video game Darkest of Days.



Kronotek was an organization that was founded through the research and efforts of Dr Ranier Koell. They eventually managed to find a means of making time travel possible but also practical. By the mid-22nd century, this was considered a recent innovation and the first usage of it was made by Dr. Koell around 20 years ago. He became noted for being fanatic in the protection of the timeline and was the reason why Kronotek referred to him as the Father of Time. As a result, the twin objectives of discovery and protecting history became the prime objectives of Kronotek. Following its development, it was considered a fantastic gift by the organization that allowed them to solve numerous mysteries in the world. During their missions, Kronotek teams witnessed the raising of the monoliths around Stonehenge and discovered the reason why the Mayans disappeared. Since their operations, the organization had learnt and discovered much in terms of knowledge. However, at some point, a number of disquieting events occured that saw the group become concerned. The first of these was Dr. Koell missing and secondly the fact Kronotek began identifying certain historical events that were out of place where certain people were suddenly being put into harms way. After that point, new anomalies were being discovered constantly with Kronotek being uable to discover the cause or connections of these events.

To combat this threat, Kronotek used their time travel abilities to abduct Alexander Morris from history in order to use him as their latest agent to discovering the reason for these changes.


Following the development of time travel, Kronotek created rules in order to be careful in how they operated during their missions and that this technology was only to be used for research. In addition, they became charged with responsibility of protecting history as Dr. Koell was well aware of the dangers posed by changing the timeline with such actions being considered foolish. Despite this being the case, they were known to recruit individuals from the past and save those that faced certain death who were later brought up to modern standards to serve as operatives of Kronotek.

Their capabilities included creating portals in the timeline that served as points of entry from one location to another. These resembled spherical anomalies whose surfaced resembled water. Such portals allowed the group to send their agents to training simulators where practiced with various weapons for the field.


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