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The Kryptonian Science Council is an organization that features in DC Comics.




The legislator Fedra Shu-El was responsible for helping setting up Kandor's first Science Council. In 9852 on Krypton, the nations of Krypton unified to make a planetary confederation where they decided to make a constitution and elect a Science Council to govern. By the year 9873, the great architect and master builder Gam-El sought to rebuild Kryptonopolis with some suggesting that the Science Council move from Kandor to it. A vote held by the Council came to pass and the motion to move the capital to Kryptonopolis was rejected. (Krypton Chronicles v1 #1)

Following his defeat at the hands of General Zod, Zo-Marr was taken before the Science Council who condemned his actions after he attempted to conquer the planet. He was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment where he was incarcerated in a satellite prison. (DC Comics Presents v1 #84) Two candidates that were to be selected to be chosen to join the ranks of the Science Council were Jor-El and Gra-Mo who were in competition with one another for the post. Jor-El ultimately won due to his invention of the Phantom Zone Projector. In his anger, Gra-Mo revealed that he was a shadowy crime lord on Krypton and he along with his underlings took control of Krypton's robot police. The criminals were ultimately defeated but the Phantom Zone Projector was not operational at the time leading to them being banished in suspended animation capsules launched into space. (Superboy v1 #104)

On the super-scientific civilization 10,000 day anniversary, Jor-El discovered evidence from a drilling mechanical mole of a possible chain reaction that would destroy Krypton. He took his findings to the Council of Science but they rejected his data and instead devoted their time to the 10th millennium celebrations. After the birth of his son, he began to find a possible home for Kal-El who he intended to escape Krypton's face. He learnt of the planet Earth and that world provided Kryptonians with superhuman abilities. Jor-El brought his findings to the Council who refused him again as they did not believe his predictions of their worlds demise though Val Arn and Khai Zor feigned interest. (Action Comics v1 #223)

The scientist Orn-Zu through psychic calculations determined that Krypton faced destruction and brought his findings to the Science Council. However, they refused to believe him and denied his petition whereupon he embarked on his own planet to save his world. He created the furry android Jorlan that attempted to take Krypton's children to space through its hypno-force. However, planetary defenses managed to knock the robot into deep space whereupon Orn-Zu was apprehended and exiled into the Phantom Zone. (Action Comics v1 #506)


Generations ago, during the height of the Kryptonian empire their civilization spread across many worlds in space. However, Har-Zod's Military Council lost the elections to Bav Sor-El's Science Council who became the new leadership body on their world. This led to a recall of all Kryptonian forces back to Krypton as they sought their empire as tyrannical and immoral. With their forces recalled, their fleet was decommissioned and dismantled. (Superman v1 #669)



  • Fel-Kar : male leader of the Council who suspected that Jor-El would defy the ban in creating a ship and tasked the detective Par-Nes with observing the scientist but had secretly planned to use the rocket to escape Krypton himself but was killed during the planet's destruction before he could achieve his goal. (Superman v1 #375)
  • Amn : (World of Krypton v1 #2)
  • Arn-Ul : (Superman v1 #338)
  • Fal-Thu : (Superman v1 #233)
  • Fedra Shu-El : (Krypton Chronicles v1 #1)
  • Hal-Vu : (Krypton Chronicles v1 #1)
  • Hil-Ra : (Superman Family v1 #191)
  • Kizo : (Superman v1 #65)
  • Mala : (Superman v1 #65)
  • U-Ban : (Superman v1 #65)
  • Ran-Dar : (World of Krypton v1 #3)
  • Sin-Dar : (Krypton Chronicles v1 #1)
  • Tron-Et : (Superman v1 #234)
  • Waz-Em : (Superman v1 #233)
  • Zak-Lor : (Jimmy Olsen v1 #101)



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