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The Kymellians are an alien race that feature in Marvel Comics.



Kymellians were an alien race that were native to the planet Kymellia where they formed a highly advanced society. At some point, they developed a limitless power source through the use of anti-matter and attempted to harness it. However, anti-matter exploded which destroyed their homeworld and led to the near extinction of the species. A group of survivors managed to escape the destruction of their planet where they created a huge artificial world which they called Kymellia II.

The species were one among many that were experimented on by the Kree who exposed variation of the Terrigen Mists on various races in order to breed super-enhanced beings. This group of Kymellians joined with similar experimental subjects among the Centaurians, Badoon and Dire Wraiths to form the Universal Inhumans. (Fantastic Four v1 #577)

After the death of a Builder on Hala, the Kree Accusers rejoined the galactic alliance against the alien invaders. The Accusers later assisted in the battle on Kymellia III where they helped defeat the enemy Aleph's and allowed the Kymellian cavalry to join the allies. (Avengers v5 #21)


In appearance, they resembled humanoid horses with equine features though sometimes they resembled seahorses.


  • Aelfyre Whitemane :
  • Byrel Whitemane :
  • Kofi Whitemane :


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