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The Kymellians are an alien race that feature in Marvel Comics.



Kymellians were an alien race that were native to the planet Kymellia where they formed a highly advanced society. At some point, they developed a limitless power source through the use of anti-matter and attempted to harness it. However, anti-matter exploded which destroyed their homeworld and led to the near extinction of the species. A group of survivors managed to escape the destruction of their planet where they created a huge artificial world which they called Kymellia II.

The species were one among many that were experimented on by the Kree who exposed variation of the Terrigen Mists on various races in order to breed super-enhanced beings. This group of Kymellians joined with similar experimental subjects among the Centaurians, Badoon and Dire Wraiths to form the Universal Inhumans. (Fantastic Four v1 #577)

In ages past, a scientist from Kymellia of their young race had made a brilliant discovery in a formula that allowed for matter/anti-matter conversion. They intended for its use to help in power requirements for his people but there was a flaw in the formula. (Power Pack v1 #2) This resulted in a chain reaction during the matter/anti-matter conversion where during the first testing of it destroyed their homeworld. By this point, they were a space-faring allowing them to escape extinction by abandoning their planet. (Power Pack v1 #1)

They came to learn about humanity through transmissions and the information stored in their computer banks whereby they became acquainted with works such as Alice in Wonderland. Aelfyre Whitemane was a Kymellian scientist who studied mankind and appreciated the species. During this time, he learnt that a human scientist named James Power was close to discovering the formula for matter/anti-matter conversion that would destroy Earth in a similar manner as the Kymellian homeworld. Despite his race's code against interference, Whitemane sought to intervene to save the species from potential destruction. Aelfyre's efforts were further complicated when the Snarks had learnt that James Power was close to uncovering the formula and sought to steal the discovery for themselves. Whitemane arrived at Earth on-board his Smartship Friday when they came under attack from the Snarks. During the fight, the Kymellian was badly injured as he was discovered by James Power's children. Whitemane sought to save the children but was unable to take them to safety as his injuries were fatal. To provide them a chance, he divided his abilities among them gifting the human children with superhuman abilities leading to them becoming the Power Pack. (Power Pack v1 #1)

An ambassador from Kymellia attended the Galactic Council's session to the discuss the Skrulls proposal for action to be taken against Earth that had been interfering in planetary affairs. (Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet v1 #1)

After the death of a Builder on Hala, the Kree Accusers rejoined the galactic alliance against the alien invaders. The Accusers later assisted in the battle on Kymellia III where they helped defeat the enemy Aleph's and allowed the Kymellian cavalry to join the allies. (Avengers v5 #21) Mister Knife's Murder Squad would later strike at Kymellia III into the Ghostmare Vaults in order to acquire the Black Vortex after defeating the Kymllian Steel Brigade protectors. (Legendary Star-Lord v1 #5)


In appearance, they resembled humanoid horses with equine features though sometimes they resembled seahorses. (Power Pack v1 #1)

Their people were born with the potential to control certain aspects of energy, mass, acceleration and gravity. This afforded them a range of abilities including teleportation, manipulating gravity fields, create molecular density fields, fire energy bolts and other such powers. Developing real skill required years of training. It was possible to share power among Kymellians with them able to gift parts of their abilities to members of other races. (Power Pack v1 #1)

When swearing an oath, true Kymellians pledged with a fist over their heart. (Legendary Star-Lord v1 #5)

Kymellian wizards were able to alter the density of objects. (Legendary Star-Lord v1 #5) Due to their powers, they tended to be called sorcerers. (Power Pack v1 #1)

Respected figures within their society were truth-sifters who were sent to determine the veracity of events. (Power Pack v1 #4) An elite unit within their people included the Kymellian Steel Brigade. (Legendary Star-Lord v1 #5)

Their people had laws that forbade interference in other worlds. (Power Pack v1 #1)

They were able to construct highly intelligent smartships that were able to achieve FTL capabilities with them equipped with warp drives whilst flight was achieved through gravity/anti-gravity pods. A Smartship was able to reform its internal structure to form rooms and was able to communicate with its pilots with them even experiencing emotions such as attachment or loss. (Power Pack v1 #1) Such ships were also capable of conducting self-repair procedures to recover from damage to their systems. The vessel was also able to manufacture material such as uniforms with its crew and could form it from exotic substances such as Unstable Molecules. (Power Pack v1 #2)

Their main source of energy was the use of matter/anti-matter conversion. (Power Pack v1 #1) It was their closest guarded secret which they hid from other races. (Power Pack v1 #2)


  • Aelfyre Whitemane : (Power Pack v1 #1)
  • Byrel Whitemane : male truth-sifter who was the father of Aelfyre Whitemane who was his only son. (Power Pack v1 #4)
  • Kofi Whitemane :
  • Fayrelyte Strongheart : the representative from Kymellia who rejected any action by the Galactic Council against Earth. (Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet v1 #1)


  • Kymellians were created by Louise Simonson and June Brigman where they made their first appearance in Power Pack v1 #1 (August, 1984).


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