Legion of the Unliving

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The Legion of the Unliving are a supervillain team that feature in Marvel Comics.



The Legion of the Unliving were a team of supervillains formed on Earth that had taken a number of incarnations over the years.

Within Limbo, he summoned the shades of people thought by the Avengers and created a new incarnation of the Legion of the Unliving. (Avengers West Coast v2 #61)

The Grim Reaper believed that the Avengers were responsible for murdering him and he sought revenge against them. This saw him make a pact with the demon Lloigoroth and used his power to summon the souls of dead supervillains to re-inhabit their bodies to form a new Legion of the Unliving. (Avengers v1 #353)



  • Baron Heinrich Zemo :
  • Flying Dutchman's Ghost :
  • Frankenstein's Monster :
  • Human Torch :
  • Midnight Sun :
  • Wonder Man:
  • Black Knight :
  • Grim Reaper :
  • Swordsman :
  • Iron Man 2020 :
  • Oort : a masked armoured being called Oort the Living Comet who was from the future of the 50th century where he was a foe of Quicksilver with the villain able to match his speed and fire comet bursts. (Avengers West Coast v2 #61)
  • Amenhotep :
  • Inferno :
  • Shadow Colonel :
  • Sarge :
  • Carpathian :
  • Baroness Blood :
  • Boy-Thing :
  • Rat Bomber :
  • Snowsnake :


  • The Legion of the Unliving were created by Steve Englehart and Sal Buscema where they made their first appearance in Avengers v1 #131 (January, 1975).


  • Avengers v1:
  • Avengers West Coast v2:
  • Avengers v8:

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