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Crown Prince Lotor of Planet Doom.

Lotor is a male villain that features in Voltron.



Alongside his father King Zarkon.

Crown Prince Lotor was the male offspring of King Zarkon who was the ruler of Planet Doom. At some unknown point, he was dispatched by his father to lead a military expedition of conquest of numerous worlds. As such, he commanded his forces and went into deep space to plunder worlds for slaves and riches. During this time, he heard rumors of the defeat of his father's forces by the super-robot Voltron. Following his successes, he returned to Planet Doom where he was greeted by Zarkon and was congratulated by the planetary governors. Prince Lotor informed his father of the defeats of Planet Doom had emboldened their enemies with the King attributing their losses to the incompetent military leadership of Commander Yurak. Zarkon had intended to punish the military commander by banishing him from the homeworld. However, Lotor intervened and offered Yurak a means at redemption as part of his scheme to defeat the Voltron Force. This saw Prince Lotor attack Planet Arus where he introduced himself to the Voltron Force and challenged them to single combat. Keith of the Space Explorers accepted with the two dueling at an isolated plane. Lotor, however, cheated and used this opportunity to knock out Keith whereupon he unleashed Yurak who had been transformed into a Robeast against the remaining four lions.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Lotor was a humanoid with light purple skin with long white hair and yellow slit eyes. Typically, he was shown wearing a regal military uniform that showcased his status as royalty on Planet Doom.

Powers and abilities


  • Lotor was voiced by actor Lennie Weinrib.
  • The character was adapted from the Japanese Prince Sincline.


  • Voltron: Defender of the Universe:

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