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Luna is a female comic character who features in Marvel Comics.



Luna Maximoff was the daughter of Quicksilver and Crystal of the Inhumans.


Personality and attributes

Her position as one of the Royal Family led to her being known as Luna Amaquelin. (Silent War v1 #2)

Powers and abilities

Exposure to the Mists led to her being able to sense emotions that appeared as different colours to her. (Son of M v1 #4) These were said to be auras with this sense of perception being quite potent among her kind. (Silent War v1 #2) Strong emotions appeared as vibrant colours whilst darker ones appeared as darkness within a person. This perception allowed her to determine a person's mental state such as whether they hurt themselves. (Son of M v1 #4) With her ability, she could perceive the movements of a person before they commenced their actions. (Silent War v1 #2) Initially, she struggled with the use of these powers and wore glasses to obscure her perceptions of another persons inner nature. (Son of M v1 #4)


  • Luna was created by John Byrne where she made her first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #240 (March, 1982).

Alternate Versions


  • Fantastic Four v1:
  • Inhumans:
  • Son of M v1:
  • Silent War v1:
  • Mighty Avengers v1:
  • FF:
  • All-New X-Factor v1:

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