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LuthorCorp is a business that features in DC Comics Smallville.



LuthorCorp's origins were traced to the time of the early 1960's when Lachlan Luthor and Eliza Luthor died in a fire at their tenement. This left their son Lionel Luthor as an orphan but he became secured financially as a result of a high life insurance inheritance due to his parents low status. In reality, the young Lionel Luthor was responsible for killing his own mother and father by partnering with Morgan Edge in setting his parent's apartment on fire. This allowed Lionel to use the insurance money in establishing a holding company originally known as Luthor Industries in the mid-1960s where he also bought a run-down fertilizer factory in Granville, Kansas. It was Luthor's application of the philosophies of Sun Tzu, Machiavelli and Nietzsche which was directed into his business along with possibly illegal tactics that allowed Lionel to make the plant a success. He managed to earn his first million in the 1970's which he invested by buying land of struggling local farmers who he later invicted. These in turn were used to create real estate developments projects on the lands of the evicted farmers. During this time, Luthor Industries was rebranded and changed to LuthorCorp where it became public and brought more money into the company founders pockets. At this point, the greatest potential for the company lay in Metropolis and Lionel who was now the richest man in Granville moved to his place of birth. Once there, LuthorCorp was responsible for several real estate projects such as Edgecliff Condos in Suicide Slums, Luthor Dome sports arena, the Metropolis Alexandria Hotel and LuthorCorp Plaza in the center of the city. These projects varied in progress between the late 1970's to the early 1980's but by that point the company founder had decided to return to agricultural business ventures by purchasing a second fertilizer factory in Edge City which increased the businesses sales and reduced competition.


A number of projects were initiated by the company which included:


  • Lex Luthor : son of the company founder and became the new CEO.
  • Oliver Queen : member of Queen Industries but holds a majority sharehold in LuthorCorp.
  • Otis : assistant to Lex Luthor.


  • While not appearing within DC Comics, the corporation serves as an analogy of LexCorp.

In other media


  • In Supergirl, LexCorp was renamed LuthorCorp by Lena Luthor in the live-action television series after her brother Lex Luthor became a supervillain.


  • In Enemies & Allies, LuthorCorp made an appearance in the novel where it was headed by Lex Luthor who allied with Soviet General Anatoly Ceridov to mine Kryptonite in Siberia.


  • Smallville:

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