M.B. Nash

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M.B. Nash was one of the mercenaries hired by Paul and Amanda Kirby to help them find their son, and an ex-sergeant major according to his dogtags. Nash was pilot of the plane that brought the Kirbys and their party to Isla Sorna. During the first attack by the Spinosaur, Nash tried to get everyone off the island in the plane. He crashed when he lost control, thanks to the Spino. Following the crash, the Spino tore open the cockpit, and pulled Nash from the plane. He was dropped, and tried to crawl away, but he was then stepped on and eaten by the Spino.


  • Nash's first and middle initials aren't given in the film itself, but are visible on film props - specifically the dog tags worn by actor Bruce A. Young in the role. This is also where Nash's former military rank of sergeant major originates from.
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