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The Magius are a species that features in Valvrave the Liberator.



Magius (マギウス Magiusu?) were a formless race of energy beings from an unknown home. Several hundred years ago, the Magius arrived on Earth as a result of a freak accident. Trapped on that world, they could not establish contact with their homeworld and lacked the means to return home. Thus, they waited for death but then decided to transfer themselves into the planets native lifeforms leading to them bodyjacking humans as well as animals. Initially, the Magius attempted to live in peaceful coexistence with mankind but they feared them and eventually attacked the Magius. Legends of supernatural monsters were actually of the Magius and their deaths chronicled their suffering. Thus, humans had attacked them first with the alien race deciding to hide their existence from the world. To achieve that end, over the many years they made deals with the world's leading figures so as to not arouse human fears. After a long secret war against humanity, the Magius created an organization called the Council of 101. This allowed them to tactlly feed on a small number of humans to maintain their existence. To the Magius, they kept humanity safe from fear and chaos by maintaining order.

The last meeting of the Council of 101 was noted to had been ten years ago.

At JIOR, the Valvrave Project was initiated that sought to create a number of artificial Magiuses.


In appearance, Magius lacked any physical form of their own and instead required vessels or bodies to survive on other worlds. They were lifeforms capable of taking over the body of other organisms such as humans. Magius were able to survive over the years by passing from one body to another. They were composed of base information particles known as Ansuz Bosons or Runes (ルーン Rūn?) which they needed in order to survive. Sustenance was achieved by consuming Runes with the largest quantity on Earth being present among humans. It was this reason that Magius devoured humans in order to maintain their own survival.

They described themselves as beings of spirit rather than physical creatures. Furthermore, despite their existence on Earth it was said that they never understood the concept of love though some of their kind managed to experience this emotion. Among humanity, it was claimed that they governed the world from the shadows. A central governing body for their kind was the Council of 101 that consisted of those selected influential humans and Magius's. It's objective was to hide the existence of Magiuses from the world and allow for their food needs in the form of Runes. Such was its power that it secretly arranged many accidents around the world for centuries to hide their existence. After being attacked by humans, they believed that their existence needed to be separate from mankind.

Artificial Magius were created that greatly resembled the original alien race in terms of abilities. These were humans that had been engineered to be a new form of life that surpassed humanity with these being designated Homo Sapiens Novus. Such individuals were able to pilot the Valvrave type of Mecha which unlocked their full potential. Members of this race were able to heal from any wounds including mortal ones that killed them. Similar to the original Magius, they also had the ability to bodyjack other organisms through a bite.


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