Matt Bluestone

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Matt Bluestone

Matthew Bluestone was raised in Manhattan. When he grew to adulthood, he joined the FBI, and was partnered with Martin Hacker. However, Matt's relentless quest to uncover the Illuminati Society, a secret organization he believed ran everything from behind the scenes, eventually cost him his job. Fired from the Bureau, Matt joined the 23rd Precinct of the NYPD as a detective. He was soon partnered with Elisa Maza, quickly coming to suspect the existence of the gargoyles in New York. As a result, he added the gargoyles to his list of mysteries to solve, causing problems for Elisa.

Matt continued to hunt the Illuminati as well, once becoming embroiled in trouble with Tony Dracon as a result. Finally, in pursuit of ex-gangster and supposed Illuminatus "Mace" Malone, Matt finally found what he'd been seeking for years. Meeting Malone, he was offered membership in the Illuminati, as well as the truth about Elisa and her hidden connection the gargoyles. Initially feeling hurt and betrayed, Matt calmed down some after Malone revealed the price for joining the Illuminati- he would have to bring a gargoyle to the Hotel Cabal. Instead, Matt and Goliath outwitted Malone, trapping him in his own deathtrap. Despite that, his old partner Hacker- an Illuminatus for as long as he'd known him- told Matt he was now a member.

Bluestone continued his work as a detective, as well as taking Elisa's place as the Manhattan Clan's friend while she was on the Avalon tour. Following the Hunter's Moon crisis, Matt ironically found himself placed in charge of the NYPD's Gargoyle Task Force.

Goliath Chronicles

Matt continued as both head of the Gargoyle Task Force and Elisa's partner.

Future Tense

In Puck's nightmare future world, Matt Bluestone was a member of the resistance against "Xanatos." He was slain attacking the Eyrie Pyramid in the assault following Goliath's "return" to Manhattan.)

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