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The Mondoshawan are an alien race that feature in the movie The Fifth Element.


The Mondoshawan were an alien species whose genetic structure was perfect and had existed for countless years. They served as the protectors and guardians of a weapon that was arranged around four elements; fire, water, air and earth that surrounded the a fifth which was a supreme being and a member of the Mondoshawan race. This was done so in order to combat the Great Evil that approached every five millenia. The Fifth Element thus created what was known as the Light of Creation that destroyed the Great Evil as well as brought life to every corner of the cosmos.

In the year 1914, the Mondoshawan came to Earth in order to retrieve the weapon as the planet was facing a coming war that would have threatened the stones. They told the Human priests that guarded the stones to await them when they next approached by informing their descendents of the coming evil. This time came in the year 2263 when the Great Evil entered into the universe. The Mondoshawan were ready but so to were the servants of the Great Evil who attacked the Mondoshawan starship which was destroyed in the process killing the entire crew with only a severed arm being the only thing that survived the attack.

Scientists with the Galactic Federation discovered that the arm was still 'alive' and used it to recreate a Human version of a the Mondoshawan known as Leeloo. It was also learnt that the Mondoshawan had actually hidden the stones in one of their servants in order to protect the weapon.


Mondoshawan starship.

The Mondoshawan were large hulking aliens that were the size of a Human but covered in a metallic armour that almost appeared to be organic. They possessed two eyes and a type of voice box which they communicated from which came across as a neutral voice. Their fingers also possessed tools such as keys to open their secret chambers.

The race also appeared to possess telepathic abilities as a member of their kind was capable of causing a Human to become unconscious with a look. Furthermore, their genetic structure was incredibly dense and said to be perfect; a species whose DNA contained no 'junk' genetic elements. Even the smallest fraction of an individual was nough to be alive and could be recreated. A Human body that contained Mondoshawan DNA was far superior to an ordinary Human and was capable of a great number of physical skills allowing them to easily combat lesser skilled opponents. Furthermore, their senses are superior to Humans and were capable of easily absorbing information they observed.

Mondoshawan were capable of communicating with other races but they had their own language known as the Divine language. Being a perfect supreme being; a willing Mondoshawan was required to activate the weapon that was capable of defeating the Great Evil.


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