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Categories allow pages on the Multiversal Omnipedia to be grouped together, for ease of navigation and to find pages on the same subject. There are several types of Categories on MOA:


Universe Pages

Universe pages describe a specific universe covered by MOA. These should include the following:

  • A general description of the world.
  • Canon Material - A listing of all the official material that details a particular universe.
  • Connections - Any links the universe has to other universes, such as through crossovers.
  • Resources - Useful Web sites about the universe.

These all go into the larger category of Universes.

Actor Pages

Actor pages connect together the roles played by a specific actor. The only additional information on these pages is a link to the actor's page on the Internet Movie Database.

These all go into the larger category of Actors.

Subject Pages

This much broader area includes connected topics, which can be as general as Characters or as specific as Justice League of America. Any kind of grouping conceivable can be included in this area.

Unique Categories

Adding a page to a category

All you have to do is add the text [[Category:CATEGORY NAME]] at the bottom of the given page, where CATEGORY NAME is replaced by the name of the desired category.

Linking to a category without adding the page to the category

Just add a colon before the word "Category" in the code, as follows: [[:Category:CATEGORY NAME]].

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