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Talk pages are a special type of namespace pages, used to discuss changes on the corresponding "main" article or page. All MOA articles, personal user pages, policy pages, Templates, etc. have an associated talk page (linked on as "discussion" in the top menu).

  • Article talk pages are used to discuss changes to the particular article.
  • User talk pages are used to leave messages for particular users. A message box stating "You have new messages" is automatically displayed to a user at the top of any MOA page, until they view their user talk page.
  • Multiversal Omnipedia talk pages are used to discuss existing and developing policies, guidelines and proposals.

The "discussion" link references a page in the same namespace as the article, userpage, or template with an additional "talk" before the colon separator, for example: Talk:Foo, User talk:Foo, or Template talk:Foo (where "foo" is a placeholder).

Basic rules for all talk pages

  • Sign your comments - You can use three or four tildes (like this ~~~ and ~~~~), which are automatically converted to your username or IP.
    • Log in.
  • Use coherent formatting
    • Copy formatting from others.
    • Don't indent text.
    • Use moderate to large blocks of text (i.e. not single sentence paragraphs).
  • Be civil at all times.
    • Don't make personal attacks.
    • Don't SHOUT.

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