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Nathan Hale is a male videogame character that features in the Resistance games.



Fall of Man

Hale was born on November 23, 1922, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. He joined the Army in 1945 where he started his training at Camp Wolters, Texas. In 1946, he was promoted to Private First Class, and was cited for lack of reasonable effort because he, according to a report, consistently drove tanks beyond speed limits. Two years later he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. In February 1949, he was transferred to a military camp in Achnacarry, Scotland where he went through the Ranger Orientation Program which he passed later in May 1949. Two months later he was transferred to the 1st Ranger Regiment in Fort Benning, Georgia and wounded in a live fire exercise.

In December 1949, the Chimera attacked Europe, but the United States government did not reveal the truth to the American citizens, covering it up by saying that an influenza epidemic was going on in Europe. A government project called Project Abraham starts, whose purpose is to find a cure for the Chimera virus. Hale heard of the project and volunteered for it on December 1, 1950. He said in an induction interview that he thought that something else is going on in Europe that the government isn't telling them. He also said that he thinks that someone like him should volunteer for the project. During his time at the project base in Alaska, he gets to know Doctor Cassandra "Cassie" Aklin. Aklin falls in love with Hale during the time he is there. Hale was injected with the anti-virus in December 6 the same year, and fell into a coma, but woke up from it a few days later.

As the Chimera began to spread across Europe to the point that they were ready to invade the United Kingdom from the English Channel, Nathan Hale was one out of 12,000 troops sent by the Americans to aid their allies. Once the troops landed, they went on foot to rendevous with British forces only for all of them to be killed by Chimeran Crawlers. The only survivor of the attack was Nathan Hale who made his way to the British forces to help them. Hale survives thanks to the injection he received at Project Abraham and does not turn into a Chimera. He does receive some of the traits of Chimera which include: increased metabolism and limited regeneration, and gold/yellow irises.

Hale continues on his mission, along the way meeting with and rescuing Captain Rachel Parker while escaping from a Chimeran conversion center in Grimsby. Parker assists Hale over the radio for the rest of his mission. Hale and the British forces eventually manage to deliver the secret weapon to one of the Resistance's headquarters, only for it to be attacked by Chimeran forces shortly afterward. It is revealed that the "secret weapon" is actually an "Angel", a Chimeran creature that British Intelligence was able to capture. The Angels are the most powerful form of Chimera creature, and British Intelligence theorizes that they control the rest of the Chimera forces through some form of telepathy. The Angel attempts to enter into Hale's mind, but he manages to resist the mind-meld and shoots the creature with his carbine.

Hale continues with the war effort, assisted by Lieutenant Stephen Cartwright, a British Royal Marines Commando. The two of them eventually discover that the Chimera have established a series of metallic Towers throughout Britain, all inter-connected by a series of underground power conduits. They also find out that the Towers were excavated, not constructed. Hale enters the underground Chimeran tunnels and discovers that the Chimera's main Tower in Britain is in London. Through his connection to the Chimera, Hale comes to the conclusion that destroying the central Tower will somehow result in the total defeat of the Chimera in Britain.

The British and American forces launch one final, desperate attack against the main Tower in London. Hale manages to reach the top of the Tower and destroy its central nuclear fission reactor, resulting in a massive explosion that demolishes the main Tower. The reaction propagates along the Chimera conduit network, destroying all the Towers in Britain and killing all of the Angels inside. With the Angels dead, the remaining Chimera forces quickly die off.

Hale is presumed to have been killed in the explosion of the main Tower, and the Army lists him as Killed in Action. Hale has survived however, as the final sequence depicts Hale walking through rubble and snow, armed with only a single grenade. He is captured by a squad of soldiers, a form of special forces. Hale briefly contemplates killing them as well as himself with the grenade, but ultimately decides against it. He drops the grenade and allows himself to be taken into custody by the soldiers.

Rise of Man

Upon entering the black op helicopter gunship, Hale was immediately apprehended by the black op team. Despite struggling, they manage to force him to the ground and inject him with a syringe. Hale, however, still attempted to fight off these unknown soldiers until one of them drew his pistol. By this point, the injection's contents were taking affect and Hale fell unconscious. He drowsily became aware of an officer present in the room who was part of SRPA and were taking him back to Iceland for immediate testing to determine the extent of the Chimeran infection in his body.

On their way, the SRPA forces came under attack from the Chimera who shot down Hale's helicopter. Being one of the survivors of the crash, Hale followed a Black op soldier to the SRPA base as the Chimera attack continued.

Upon boarding the VTOL, Hale is subdued and sedated, though resists until a pistol is used to "convince" him to relax. En route to the base, SRPA's Director of Advanced Tactical Operations; Major Richard Blake, reveals he has been extracted to aid in the mission of his team infiltrating SRPA Station Igloo in Iceland; currently under attack and poised to be overrun by Chimera, and killing "Daedalus", the Leader of the Chimera, who is somehow kept in containment. Hale agrees, though, while enduring many hardships (beginning when the VTOL is shot down as they arrive by a Goliath), "Daedalus" escapes. Hale evacuates with Blake and Doctor Fyodor Malikov. Hale then agrees to join "The Sentinels"; a top-secret mobile strategic reserve fighting task force designed and created by the SRPA, consisting of other soldiers resistant to the virus, for the purpose of resisting the Chimera during the inevitable invasion of the United States.

2 years later, Hale is now a Lieutenant and head of Sentinel Team Echo. The Chimeran invasion finally begins, and Hale is able to get Fyodor and his viral inhibitors out of SRPA-Defensive Station III, the base he has resided in since his departure from Britain, before it is overrun and ultimately collapses.

Hale leads several Sentinel operations across the United States, eventually forsaking his scheduled inhibitor treatment for the sake of saving the LDP safe zone. These efforts are, sadly, also futile, as he once again battles "Daedalus", in which half his squad is killed, "Daedalus" and the Chimera penetrate the safe zone and kill most of its surviving population, and Hale is rendered comatose for 6 weeks.

Hale does indeed wake up, only to find he is only hours away from converting into a Chimera. Regardless, Hale, Blake and the surviving SRPA forces launch a final, desperate attack on "Daedalus" at the assembled Chimeran fleet over the Gulf of Mexico. Hale and the only other survivor of Echo Squad and a fellow Project Abraham survivor; Corporal Joseph Capelli (who is seen to gradually distrust Hale over the prospect of him turning into a Chimera) infiltrate "Daedalus"' command ship and plant a fission bomb to destroy the fleet in a massive explosion. The operation succeeds, with Hale killing "Daedalus" and setting the bomb to detonate after Capelli and Hale escape in a stolen Chimeran shuttlecraft, which is forced to crashland in Mexico due to the explosion's shockwave. With the destruction of the fleet, the Chimeran's hold on the United States is broken and the country liberated.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

One of the notable traits of Nathan Hale was an accelerated healing factor which was given to him by the Chimera infection that spread through his body.


  • Nathan Hale was voiced by actor David Kaye.


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