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The Order of St. Vertinez is an organization that features in the manga Priest.


The Order of St. Vertinez was a secret branch of the Vatican with the aim of protecting Catholic interests around the world. It was created centuries ago and was known also as Michael's Sword that did whatever was necessary to achieve their goal. They held the authority in times of need to take matters into their own hands and acted autonomously without reporting to anyone; not even the Pope. This was because their deeds would leave blood on the soul of man and were highly judgemental - to the point that they killed anyone that disagreed with their service to the Church. The basis for this was because the Order "have no right to use our eyes or ears" thus indicating that everything they did was based on blind faith. Its members wore distinctive white hooded robes whilst wearing masks over their mouths. They made use of knives, guns and swords in their battles against their enemies.

Years ago, the Order discovered the existence of a supernatural artifact in the American West at Stonetale Abbey known as the Domas Porada. Their investigation inadvertently released the fallen archangel Temorarela onto the world who had been imprisoned for centuries. This led to the Order returning in order to rectify their mistake and ensure that no one lived to tell the tale. In this regard, Coburn stated that they were resposnible for taking care of the Church's "dirty laundry".

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