Power Booster Rod (It's Walky)

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The Power Booster Rod was an object of power originating in Dargon Chesterfield's alternate universe. Apparently created from a simple tree branch in an alley, it was endowed with vast power when Chesterfield's scientists transferred the mass difference created by moving Chesterfield's forces to SEMME's universe into the branch. However, while that would have preserved the balance between the two universes, Chesterfield took it with him to SEMME's world, thus imbalancing his home universe and condemning it to extinction.

The Rod somehow passed out of Dargon's hands, eventually being located by SEMME. Other than a brief period when it was held by the Head Alien, the Rod remained in their hands thereafter, being used by Sal in an attempt to cleanse the world of evil. It was also used by Joyce to reveal Dargon Chesterfield's group to the Cheese and, later, so she could ask the Cheese about God.

In the final battle with the Martians, Walky, in the Cheese's body, used the Power Booster Rod to make the Martians "gone." Its fate afterwards is unknown.

The Power Booster Rod could give its user- who apparently needed to have Martian DNA- virtually god-like power in a range dictated by that person's force of will or personal power.


Named after the Transformers version.

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