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The Predator is an alien race that features in the Predator series.




Alien vs. Predator

The Predators were an alien race that were known as the Hunters who had previously encountered the Xenomorph's during their history. During ancient times, the Hunters had discovered a backwater planet that was known to its inhabitants as Earth. Upon arriving on that world, they were greeted by the primitive inhabitants who worshipped them as gods. From the Hunters, mankind learnt the techniques needed to develop civilization that resembled that of Aztec, Mayans and Egyptians. The Hunters later departed for many years until they returned after sometime with their worshippers constructing elaborate temples to honor them. In this time, the Hunters had brought with them the eggs of the Xenomorphs that were known as Serpents in order for them to impregnate humans and create the ultimate prey. Human worshippers were taken as sacrificial hosts to breed Xenomorphs that were used as a rite of passage for young Hunters to become fully fledged hunters. These humans willingly gave their lives to accomplish the goals of their gods. This practice remained for many years and was successfully used by the alien species. However, at some point, the Xenomorph infestation grew out of control and encompassed the entire pyramids of the human worshippers. In their dying moments, the Hunters at the temples sacrificed themselves by initiating a self destruct in order to wipe out the infestation. This led to all trace of the Hunters civilization on Earth being wiped clean with their human worshippers being killed in the process. In the aftermath, the practice of using Earth as a proving ground for their young warriors was abandoned. However, a single temple remained trapped underground in the Antarctic with a Xenomorph Queen being in hibernation in the depths of the pyramid. (Alien versus Predator)


One of the rules that governed Yautja society was to prevent their existence from being discovered by their prey species. If a failed hunting ship crashed onto a primitive world then a veteran hunter was dispatched to serve as a cleaner to remove all evidence of Yautja existence. Should an accidental infestation emerge from the ship then the hunter is expected to remove any evidence of this as well. Creatures that have fallen host to the Xenomorph lifecycle are dissolved through the use a solvent though the hunter can skin prey as part of their trophies. Any crashed vessel was also expected to initiate its self destruct but if this had not occured then the veteran hunter accomplishes the task. (Alien versus Predator: Requiem)

Predator Pyramids on Earth.

Their kind maintained a number of planets that operated as a game reserve. Such worlds contained a variety of diverse life with plants that resembled those from Earth and some being poisonous. The Predators sought worthy prey that were abducted from their worlds and kidnapped in secret with them being unconscious after capture. Once captured, they were parachuted onto the game reserve planet and left to gather before the hunters began their hunt for them. (Predators)

Once the Hunters had acquired their weapons, the trial began whereby Xenomorph eggs were used to impregnate hosts and breed their prey. At that point, the Hunters were required to battle the creatures and survive or die in the attempt. (Alien versus Predator)

There was a code of conduct followed by their hunters as they were shown not to kill women that were pregnant. (Predator 2)

Defeat was not accepted by their hunters as when faced with such a prospect from prey then they activated their self-destruct sequence. (Predator) However, if stopped, the clan of a Predator would honor the person that defeated their hunter by gifting them a trophy whilst they took the body away. (Predator 2)


See Yautja equipment.

The Hunters established massive pyramids with hundreds of rooms built around a central core. These structures had features that resembled those of Aztec, Cambodian and Egyptian cultures on Earth. The wall contained hieroglyphics that spoke of the activities of the Hunters. Special sacrificial chambers were presented where chosen sacrifices were taken to be implanted with Xenomorph Facehuggers in order to breed suitable prey for the Hunters. The stucture was capable of generating a noticeable heat bloom that could be detected by 21st century humanity. This was generated by a power plant that activated the various machinery in the pyramid. One key location beneath the sacrificial chamber contained a sarcophagus that held a number of weapons for the Hunters to acquire. The chambers of the pyramid constantly changed where it opened new passageways and closed others. (Alien versus Predator)


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In other media

Video games

  • In Alien versus. Predator, a number of Predators appeared in the video game setting and was also playable in both the single player story along with the multiplayer.
  • In Alien versus. Predator 2, a number of Predators appeared in the video game setting and were also playable in both the single player story along with the multiplayer. There appeared noble born members of the race who were considered of a higher status then certain hunters. To symbolize their position, these Predators had ornamental symbols on their mask which highlighted their status.
  • In Alien versus. Predator: Extinction, a number of predators appeared in the strategy game with them featuring in the single player story. However, while this was the normal behavior expected, some hunters either willingly deny this expectation or are disabled from doing so. This is considered a grave dishonor and the hunters clansmen are expected to execute the fallen warrior. The leader of a hunting group who resided on the Yautja starship held the position was Hunt Master and coordinated the deployment of hunters on a planet. Further ranking positions include specialist hunters such as the Spear Master who mastered their combistick and the Disc Master who in were skilled in the use of the smart disc. The most skilled Yautja warriors are delegated the position of the honor guard known as Vanguards that worked as elite hunters tasked with leading the charge against the clans enemies. The entirety of the race was governed by the Council of Ancients which decides when the species enter into war. They also decide which clan takes which hunting grounds when clan conflict erupts.
  • In Predator: Concrete Jungle, the Predator appeared as a playable character and protagonist named Scarface in the video game setting. It was said that they preferred hot and humid conditions with an atmosphere that is rich in nitrogen. The consumption or use of their flesh and organs greatly increases the lifespan of a Human. Lone Predator that lose in their hunts are expected to initiate their self destruct rather then face dishonor in being captured. This is also part of their attempt at preventing prey species from discovering their existence and that of the hunt itself. Those that fail are considered outcasts who are taken by their clan and abandoned on a lone planet.
  • In Alien versus. Predator: the Predators appeared in the single player story with one as a playable character named Dark and in the multiplayer gameplay. During ancient time, they established a number of Father Worlds with Temples on various worlds such as BG-386. They had a long history of conflict with their ancient enemies that they called the Serpents that were Xenomorphs with one Queen known as the Matriarch entrapped in the temple on BG-386. This world was long abandoned by the Predators and was discovered by Weyland-Yutani with Mr. Weyland seeking to study Xenomorphs. The activation of the temple attracted the attention of the Predators who arrived on this world leading to a conflict with Humans and the Xenomorphs on the planet. In this time, the hunter Dark was on the world where he was given quests by Spartan and later sought to slay the Abomination that was a Xenomorph born from a Predator.
  • In Mortal Kombat X, the Predator was a playable character introduced into video fighting game.


  • In Predator: Forever Midnight, they were given the name Hish-qu-Ten (The People Who Take Territory) and were given some backstory. They were described as being a reptilian race of phasal hermaphrodites who switched between the Generative Breeder/Male and Female genders involuntarily and birth 6 spawnlings. The Hish possessed a gland located between their neck and collarbone where powerful hormones are secreted into the bloodstream which drives them into a state of hyper-aggression. Once this is overstimulated, it sends the Predator into a frenzied rage with the intent on killing any living being in sight which can cover Humans or even fellow Predators. In this "kill rage", they are extremely dangerous as they are contagious and can spread this to other Predators driving them all to attack one another. This hormone was the lone result of numerous wars that the Predator race barely survived from which was provoked due to their kill glands. It was only after they learnt to control the gland's secretions with artificial hormone regulators were they able to develop a more stable society. Their race was led by the Exquisitely Blooded Great Hierach who ruled over the clans that were led by Clan Leaders that met in the Conclave of Clans. The clans were said to hold their own rites and rituals with the Hush having stolen the secret of faster-than-light travel.
  • In Predator: Homeworld, the Predators were said to breath 1% more oxygen and 4% oxygen more nitrogen than Humans. They are capable of adapting and breathing by themselves in Earth's atmosphere for one week at most before they begin to suffer from deprivition which requires them to use a breathing apparatus.
  • In addition to this, the blood has the unique capacity to partially neutralize the acidic blood of a Xenomorph allowing the Yautja to mark themselves with the creatures blood without any serious risks. (Alien versus Predator: Prey)
  • The consumption or use of their flesh and organs greatly increases the lifespan of a Human. (Aliens vs. Predator: Eternal)
  • These elders also dictated breeding rights and designated who which males held the right to mate. (Alien versus Predator: Hunter's Planet))
  • Elder Yautja served as Masters who possess an exalted status which requires them to constantly prove their position as leader of the pack where they can be replaced or challenged. (Alien verus Predator Annual 1: Chained For Life)


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