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Ramsey was a corpulant Russian who worked for the Chronos Corporation and was apparently close friends with Striker. Like Striker and roughly every other individual employed by Chronos, Ramsey was a Zoanoid: he was capable of turning himself into monster resembling an elephant, complete with tusks and a small trunk that gave Ramsey a keen sense of smell. Ramsey assisted Lisker in his hunt for the Guyver, and participated in most of the battles against Sean Barker.

Ramsey was absent for most of the final confrontation between Sean and the Zoanoids within Chronos' secret lab, but came in late and chased Mizky Segawa and Max Reed up onto the lab's system of catwalks. He came close to killing them, but was stopped by Sean, who threw Ramsey off the catwalk. He landed in an incubator and was burned alive.

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