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Ravager in BIONICLE: Dark Hunters.

Ravager is a male villain character who features in BIONICLE (Generation 1).



The Dark Hunter codenamed "Ravager" was first discovered wandering along a rocky coastline with no memory of his past. The Dark Hunters brought him to Odina for analysis, but he escaped his captors and went on a rampage, destroying almost a third of their fortress in the process. The Shadowed One was faced with the choice of executing Ravager, but he instead chose to induct him into the Dark Hunters so that Ravager could be trained to use his immense strength against their enemies. Following Ravager's recruitment, the Shadowed One made multiple attempts to recover Ravager's memories so that he could recruit more of his species, but to no avail.

When the Great Spirit Robot was critically damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna, Ravager and the other surviving Dark Hunters emigrated from the Matoran Universe to Spherus Magna.


Personality and attributes

Like most living beings native to the Matoran Universe, Ravager is a biomechanical lifeform whose body consists of both organic and metallic protodermis. He is one of the most violent psychopaths in the entire Dark Hunters organization, suffering constant urges to destroy anyone or anything he comes across. Ravager is known to attack his surroundings when he is bored, so the Shadowed One keeps him on a near-constant supply of missions to fulfil his destructive urges.

Powers and abilities

Ravager has enormous strength and a poisonous stinger tail whose venom "burns like the bites of a million fireflyers", but his most curious abilities come from his weapons. Ravager carries a sword and a shield that both have the power to alter their own strength to match Ravager's foes or obstacles. This power is activated without any visible command from Ravager, leading some Dark Hunters to speculate that his weapons are capable of sentient thought.


  • The Ravager model was created by Jason Stroud and entered into the LEGO Magazine Dark Hunter Building Contest in 2005. Ravager was chosen as one of the winning entries, canonized by BIONICLE lead writer Greg Farshtey, and featured in the BIONICLE: Dark Hunters guidebook.


  • BIONICLE: Dark Hunters

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