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The Red Dragon are an organization that features in Mortal Kombat.



Original Timeline

The Red Dragon were a mysterious clan of warriors that operated in Earthrealm. Their origins were actually traced to the Edenian half-god Daegon who was the son of Argus who was the deity that served as Protector of the Realm. Upon sensing the approaching Armageddon, Argus and his wife Delia had both Taven and Daegon placed in suspended animation long ago in order to take part in a quest to avert the coming cataclysm. Both brothers were encased in separate tombs that were guarded by the family's loyal dragon protectors Orin and Karo. Many centuries later, Karo lost mental contact with the firespawn Blaze that was to be the warrior to battle for the quest. This led to Karo mistakenly believing that the time for the quest was to begin and he awoke Daegon but this was too early causing the younger of the two brothers to be mentally unstable. He resented his father Argus's actions and sought to claim the power for himself. After enslaving Karo, Daegon established a clan of warriors to support him with this becoming the Red Dragon. These mortal agents sought to aid their master in achieving his goals of attaining ultimate power. In the last century, a number of their warriors grew dissatisfied with the secretive nature of the organization whereupon they decided to form their own splinter group. Thus, the [[Black Dragon (Mortal Kombat)|Black Dragon. Since that time, the Red Dragkn sought the destruction of the Black Dragon for being infidels.

Reboot Timeline


Agents of the Red Dragon were said to had been placed throughout the realm as spies for their founder.

As an organization, they were described as being secretive but not completely invisible.


  • Daegon : a male Edenian demigod who was the son of the god Argus and prophetess Delia who was the younger brother of Taven. He had been placed in stasis for years as he was put on a quest for power by challenging the fire elemental Blaze. However, Daegon was awoken early and went mad as a result as he sought revenge against his family whilst he desired ultimate power. Thus, he formed the Red Dragon as his followers where he participated in the Armageddon.
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