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The Red Scare emerges from the Soviet van.

The Red Scare was a deadly robotic Soviet assassin, whose weapons were a silver hammer and sickle. Originally the Red Scare was built in 1979 by Ivan Plotski and programmed to assassinate then-president Jimmy Carter, this for some reason never went through. In 2001 the robot was acquired from Vlad's Army Surplus by the members of the Russian-American Coalition for the Annihilation of the U.S. Postal System, who planned to reprogram it to kill the postmaster general. However, they were stopped by the Tick before they could do so, and after defeating the Russians the Tick accidentally activated the robot.

Following its original programming, the Red Scare rampaged for a bit before going to kill Jimmy Carter, who, in an amazing coincidence even the Tick found difficult to believe, had come to the City to accept an award from the United Nations and put up a housing project. The Red Scare tracked Jimmy down to an elevator in his hotel, but the Tick and Arthur, acting as the former president's bodyguards, thwarted the robot's evil intentions. Arthur flew Jimmy Carter to safety, and the Red Scare was destroyed when the elevator plummted to the bottom of the shaft and crashed.


In the original script for the pilot episode of the live-action Tick series, the Red Scare was actually referred to as the Red Menace.

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