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Red Volcano in Red Tornado v2 #4.

Red Volcano is a robotic character that features in DC Comics.




Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • Red Volcano was created by Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns where he made first appearance in DC Universe v1 #0 (June 2008).

In other media


Red Volcano in Young Justice.
  • In Young Justice, the episode "Humanity" marks the first animated appearance of Red Volcano where he is voiced by Jeff Bennett. He was built by T.O. Morrow after the repeated failures in other android creation. This version was meant to be devoid of any concern for humanity and without any desire to become human. At this point, his brothers Red Tornado and Red Torpedo with his sister Red Inferno were under Morrow's control. Following activation, Red Volcano killed his 'father' Morrow only to discover it to be an android. Despite the setback, he proceeded with the plan in starting a global extinction event by triggering a Stage 3 explosion of a volcano. However, by this time, the Team had tracked down their friend Red Tornado leading to a battle with the villainous android. In order to stop him, both Red Inferno and Red Torpedo attack by forcing themselves as well as their villainous brother into a pool of lava thus destroying him before he could achieve his goal. He reappears in the episode "Runaways" where he was rebuilt and secretly dispatched by Lex Luthor to attack S.T.A.R. Labs at Taos, New Mexico in order to recover the parts of AMAZO. Not all the parts were there but the recently created metahumans Virgil Hawkins, Asami Koizumi and Ed Dorado Junior were at the scene leading to a fight with the android. Red Volcano later battled Blue Beetle where the hero destroyed the mechanical supervillain.


  • DC Universe #0: (2008)

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