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Ryner Lute is a male character that features in The Legend of the Legendary Heroes.



Ryner Lute was born as Feruna Lieutolu of the Noble House of Lieutolu but a pact made with the Goddesses caused him to lose all memory of his childhood including those of his birth parents. He was found shortly afterwards by the military of a bandit village where he was captured and placed in military service. This saw him being placed under the training of Germer Kleisrole alongside Pia and Peria. By the age of thirteen, he managed to defeat Kuwonto Kuo who was the most powerful magician in the military forces at the time. As a result, his title as "the Deadliest Magician" passed onto Ryner though he lacked any intention to kill and rarely fought at full strength. His master Germer believed that Ryner had a natural high level of comprehension ability and an acute sense of magic. It was due to Germer's intense and harsh training regime that led to Ryner suffering from serious sleep deprivation.


Personality and attributes

In terms of appearance, he had brown eyes and brown hair with a slender build.

Typically, he appeared to be lethargic and unmotivated with a desire to sleep constantly. The need for sleep stemmed from Germer's intense training regime that led to Ryner suffering from intense sleep deprivation. As a result, he had vowed to sleep whenever there was nothing to do until it became more of a habit.

As with the case of Alpha Stigma bearers, if forced into despair and anger then Ryner fell into a berserk state where he lost his sanity. In this state, he indiscriminately killed and destroyed everything around him. Typically, those that lost their senses never returned back to normal which was why the great majority of Alpha Stigma bearers never reached adulthood. It was this reason that bearers of this Cursed Eye were shunned by others and called monsters. However, Ryner was able to regain his sanity through the support of his friends that helped him regain his senses.

Due to the Alpha Stigma curse, Ryner tended to distance himself from others as he did not want to harm or cause grief in others because of his power. A number of women had fallen in love with him but he was reluctant to love them back after his first love sacrificed herself to save him. Despite this detachment, he had found himself forming strong attachments to both Kiefer and Ferris. Following a temporary departure from Roland, he gained a will to live due to the encouragement from Ferris. This led to him accepting the fact that he was capable of being a monster which was something he had previously avoided.

Powers and abilities

Lute was naturally talented in magic, skilled in hand-to-hand combat, knew of the arts of assassination and knowledgeable in ancient lore, languages and symbols.

His greatest strength came in being the bearer of the Alpha Stigma. his power was one of the Cursed Eyes that gave him the ocular ability to analyze various forms of magic. It manifested on activation as a reddish hue over the pupils and allowed him to learn and acquire the magical techniques through simple observation. This made Ryner a dangerous opponent as magic was a closely guarded secret by the various countries who had special techniques employed by their mages. Despite being the weakest of the Cursed Eyes, Lute's was not an ordinary Alpha Stigma as he was much more powerful than a typical bearer. One of the greater dangers of the Stigma was that Ryner was subjected to madness if he went berserk and struggled to return to sanity.


  • Ryner Lute was voiced by Japanese actor Jun Fukuyama with Fuyuka Oura voicing him as a child and Ian Sinclair voiced him in the English dub.


  • The Legend of the Legendary Heroes:

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