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[[File:QuestionV1-10.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Santa Prisca in Question v1 #10.]]
Santa Prisca
Santa Prisca
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*''Question v1'':
*''Question v1'':
*''Batman: The Legends of the Dark Knight v1'':
*''Batman: The Legends of the Dark Knight v1'':
*''Batman and Robin Eternal v1'':
==External Links==
==External Links==

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Santa Prisca is an island that features in DC Comics.




Santa Prisca in Question v1 #10.

Santa Prisca

Long ago, a cult emerged on the island that worshipped a savage vulture god called Chubala. (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight v1 #3) At some point, the Spanish had constructed a fort on the island in the 17th century. (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight v1 #19)

Three decades, the only importance the nation had was being free of Communist sympathy. Thomas Wayne came to Santa Prisca where he provided disaster relief in the wake of hurricanes and abject poverty. During that time, he tried and failed to liberate slaves that were traded to fund Marxist insurgents whereupon he left the nation behind forever. (Batman: Gotham Knights v1 #34)

It was controlled by a drug cartel that did not cooperate with any recognised authority. (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight v1 #19) The drug kingpin Hector Lopez had used the island and once resided at the Spanish fort. (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight v1 #20) International sanctions prevented civilian ships from approaching the island and despite economic in-roads by the Zesti Cola Corporation it still remained a rogue state. (Batman: Gotham Knights v1 #35)

Professor Randolph Porter and General Timothy Slaycroft both fled to Santa Prisca where they continued with their experiments in creating better soldiers. (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight v1 #19)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of history was created with a different timeline of events.

There had been ten attacks on black market dealers on the island by an Angel of Death with these attacks connected to the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas. The Order later established a monastery for their operations known as the Crusade of St. Dumas. Red Robin and Red Hood journeyed to Santa Prisca as they sought to uncover the mystery of the mysterious woman known as Mother. (Batman and Robin Eternal v1 #9)


Locations on the island included:

  • El Forteleza : an old Spanish fort built in the early 16th century. (Question v1 #10)
  • Peña Duro : translated to mean 'The Hard Stone' was an infamous prison fortress. (Batman: Gotham Knights v1 #35)
  • Punto De Tiburon :

A cult formed on the island that worshipped a savage vulture god called Chubala who was believed could only be placated by human sacrifices. Within their beliefs, there was no heaven with only hell existing and that those who displeased the deity were devoured by rats in their stomachs. It was believed that by shedding enough blood then the god spared devotees this afterlife and died a normal death. Sacrificial rituals were conducted by an avatar of the god who was a priest that became Chubala for the duration of the rite. (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight v1 #3)


  • Bane :
  • Hector Lopez : a leading drug kingpin who occupied an old Spanish fort on the island and had been using it as a base of operations for a time including utilising its dungeon. (Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight v1 #20)
  • Hector Gomez : a man known as El Beato (The Beast) who earned his fortune as a government employee at Hub City before coming to Santa Prisca to buy out its government. (Question v1 #10)
  • El Jefe del Pais :


  • Santa Prisca was created by Dennis O'Neil where it made its first appearance in Question v1 #10 (November, 1987).

In other media


  • In Young Justice, Santa Prisca appeared in the setting of the animated television series starting in the episode "Drop Zone". It was said to be the world's largest provider of the dangerous drug on Venom. Batman dispatched the Team to the island after all communications were cut off and shipments of the drugs stopped. Once there, the Team learnt that the island had been taken over by Kobra who had usurped control from Bane. Bane would enlist the aid of the Team to win back the Venom factory but it was ultimately destroyed when Miss Martian caused Sportsmaster's helicopter to crash into the factory's roof.


Video games

  • In Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, the island was mentioned in the game when a thug named Ramon Domingo referred to Santa Prisca as being named after an imaginary saint. He stated it was famous for only two things namely having the world's most corrupted politicians and its infamous prison. The latter was used to detain the worst criminals known with many being sent from other countries to the isle where they fought to become the leader and survive. Ramon mentioned that Bane was at one point the top dog at Pena Duro when he was at Santa Prisca.
  • In Batman: Arkham City, the island did not appear but was referenced in the game. An advertisement for Santa Prisca was on a poster inside the subway system and scanning it solved a riddle involving Bane.
  • In Batman: The Enemy Within, Peña Duro was mentioned in the Telltale Series where the Riddler got himself sent there in order to break out its various criminals detained at the site.


  • Question v1:
  • Batman: The Legends of the Dark Knight v1:
  • Batman and Robin Eternal v1:

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