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The city of Sarangar dates back to the Green Age of Athas. It sits in a secluded vale to the north of the Tablelands, on the shores of The Last Sea. It was protected from the ravages of the Cleansing Wars by the Mind Lords, a group of powerful psionicists, possibly the most powerful Athas has ever seen. As the centuries passed, the Mind Lords transferred their consciousnesses into obsidian orbs so that they could continue to protect and rule Sarangar.

9,000 years later, their self-imposed imprisonment has driven them somewhat insane. They rule Sarangar with an iron fist, insisting that their subjects be happy at all times. A small cabal of sailors on The Last Sea arranges the occasion "escape" from the tyranny, but they are careful not to help so many people that the Mind Lords become suspicious.

Sarangar and The Last Sea are defended by guardians created by the Mind Lords. The intellect and power of a psioniscist is transferred into an obsidian orb, but without their personality or identity. The resulting guardian can focus on a single task (such as clouding the minds of outsiders so they don't see the valley) without rest or rebellion.

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