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Sato is a male character who features in Ajin.



Samuel T. Owen (サミュエル・T・オーウェン Samyueru. T. Ouwen)

He was deployed in Africa as part of a team that sought to capture a mysterious figure known as the Soldier of God who was stated to be immortal. The figure was actually one of the first recorded Ajin where they neutralised the target and captured him. Whilst transporting him, Owen became fascinated with the idea of fighting an immortal unkillable opponent.

Afterwards, he spent the majority of his time playing arcade video games until his uncle who was a crime boss when to Japan only to be murdered by rivals. Around this time, Sato himself was killed after making many enemies which was when his ability first manifested and he revived due to his Ajin power. At some point, he took a hard drive from a researcher at the Ajin Control Commission where he came to learn more about his nature and those like him in the world. Eventually, he came to operate in secret and took the name of Satō (佐藤, Satō) where he became well known to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as the country's most dangerous Ajin.

During transport, he regained consciousness after experiencing the dream where he captured the Soldier of God and remarked that it had been a long time since he thought of that day. Nakano lamented to him about their capture though Sato was not worried as he considered this chain of events to be the second playthrough. He then triggered a bomb within his body thus tearing a hole in the aircraft whilst he and Nakano's body regenerated. Thus, the pair were freed and loose once more to continue their plans.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Satō was a short man with grey hair and had narrow eyes along with thick roundish brows. He was notably old with this showing on his face and was almost always seen wearing a scally cap. It was for this reason that he was known by authorities as the Man in the Hat (帽子 Boushi).

Externally, he appeared as a calm and cheer-filled person but in reality who was a sadist that showed no mercy to his enemies. Sato was shown to be a highly manipulative individual where he schemed in order to achieve his objectives. In an effort to recruit Nagai, he secretly tranquilized him so that he would be arrested by the authorities due to his Ajin nature. This was with the goal of Kei being tortured for study and that this would stoke a hatred of humans thus making him easy to recruit into his organization after staging a rescue of him. However, when Nagai did not show any malice after experimentation, Sato decided that the endeavour was a failure and that Kei failed to be a recruit. Initially, he intended to continue to use Kei but after he opposed him then Sato decided to eliminate him. Under the guise of Ajin rights, he orchestrated a campaign against the Japanese government though in reality he sabotaged the attempts at securing rights for his kind with him instead working for increased hostilities and conflict. This was to such an extent that those that allied with him came to consider him mad with the majority deciding to turn against him in the end.

He tended to see his machinations being akin to playing a video game with the more difficult the scheme the more fun it was to him. To Sato, all that mattered was the thrill of a challenge and being able to win difficult engagements. He simply wanted a challenging experience with the 'game' never ending for him as he simply thought of repeating it as a second play-through of a level.

He had a habit of quoting lines from American television shows such as The A-Team and Miami Vice.

Sato said that he hated it when people got in his way.

Powers and abilities

Such was his training that he was noted for being ex-military in the way he operated with weapons. As an Ajin, Sato had abilities that were beyond human with these complimenting his existing skillset.

He could manifest his own Invisible Black Matter Black Ghost that he could use in battle. Through training, he came to teach his Ghost to operate even if Sato himself was incapacitated. Thus, it was able to execute his commands and terminate him in order to forcibly trigger his regeneration. Sato had noted though that despite this being the case his Black Ghost tended to lack initiative of its own and thus could only follow simple direct commands given to it. Despite that, he was quite skilled in using his Ghost that could deal critical blows to an enemy's IBM or even disable it by pinning it to prevent the Ajin from summoning it again. However, similar to other Ajin's, he could only manifest the Black Ghost for a short amount of time and only a limited number of attempts before he needed to rest for the day. In addition, rain affected his ability to control the Invisible Black Matter and thus reduced its effectiveness.


  • Sato was created by Gamon Sakurai where he featured in the setting of Ajin: Demi-Human.


  • Ajin: Demi-Human:

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