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Sewell Fuel is an ore that features in Space: Above and Beyond.


Sewell Fuel was an ore that formed in the unique environmental conditions of the planet Kazbek forming around 10 billion years ago. It was capable of only being produced in the factory of this world which was part of a region of space controlled by the Chigs but administered by the Silicates. The Chigs by 2065 had only recently development a refinement procedure in order to make use of the ore for their own operations and constructed a prototype advanced starfighter during the Chig War against Humanity. Following the liberation of the 58th Squadron, the ore was confiscated by AeroTech Industries) and quickly patended as their property. During their study of the organic ore, they decided to name it after Deputy Director Howard Sewell thus leading to the name Sewell Fuel. A briefing was made on the US naval carrier Saratoga where the contents of the ore was described as well as the fact that the Chigs had used it to create their prototype stealth fighter. A problem arose as it was believed it would take too long to create an Earth based fighter jet that ran on Sewell Fuel and in the mean time the enemy would create entire squadrons of their own craft thus turning the tide of the war. However, Director Sewell instead proposed the creation of a missile that used Sewell Fuel as an explosive that would be used against the enemy prototype fighter. Thus, a plan was needed to eliminate the Chig pilot known as Chiggy von Richtohofen. (Episode: The Angriest Angel, Part 2)


It was described as being an organic ore that, if refined correctly, became a living complex system fuel with the self perpetuating capabilities. Sewell Fuel was able to create more energy than it expended with a sample that could fit in the hand of a Human was able to power a carrier vessel the size of the USS Saratoga for a decade. The most important factor was that the exhaust produced by the fuel was clean and the thermal temperature was negligible; being 0.15 microns. Thus, if adequately integrated, it was capable of using it to create a form of stealth craft as seen by the Chigs. (Episode: The Angriest Angel, Part 2)


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