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The Shadow Death Cloud is a powerful superweapon that features in Babylon 5.




In appearance, the Shadow Planet Killer appeared as a gigantic mobile cloud of dust and gas that was capable of surrounding a planet. In reality, it was composed of net-like matrix of tubes and beams with the cloud itself composed of bio-nanobots. The Planet Killer expanded this net around a planet, with the dust and gas cutting off any contact to the outside. Upon engulfing a planet, the various hubs around the net fire missiles at the surface of the planet. Instead of exploding on the surface, these missiles burrow down through the planet until they reached the core whereupon they exploded. The results are increased vulcanism, massive seismic upheaval, and atmospheric contamination, which together killed off the ecosystem and rendered the planet uninhabitable and sterile.

Similar to other Shadow ships, the Planet Killer can phase in or out of hyperspace at any time, and may interfere with other ships' engines. Its nature meant that it was extremely difficult to detect.


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