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Silas is a male television character who features in Highlander.



Silas was an Immortal known for great evil as a member of "The Four Horsemen"; a group of Immortals who raped and killed across two continents during the Bronze Age. The gruff-voiced Silas loves to do nothing more than kill, especially with the battle axe he wields. The Four Horseman came across a village where pre-Immortal Cassandra lived. The Four Horsemen killed everyone in her village. Silas and the others took trophies of their kills. Silas and Caspian were fighting over a blanket. Kronos, the leader of the Horsemen used his sword to split the blanket in two. Silas was good friends with fellow Horseman, Methos.

Silas then lived in the Ukraine, hiding in the woods for many centuries. In November 1996, he was chopping wood one day and sensed the presence of other Immortals: Kronos and Methos. The Four Horsemen are united after they got Caspian out of an insane asylum. They went to an abandoned submarine base in Bordeaux, France. Silas didn't realise how much times had changed, however, still wanting to ride on horseback to kill. Kronos makes plans to rule the world by developing a virus. Silas wanted one of the monkeys in the cage as a pet. Later on, Kronos sent Silas and Caspian to deal with Duncan MacLeod. Duncan beheaded Caspian and escaped while Silas returned to their hideout. Duncan goes there to rescue Cassandra, captured by the Horsemen. Duncan ends up fighting Kronos, and Silas goes to behead Cassandra, but Methos stops Silas and fights him. Silas is beheaded by Methos at the same time Duncan beheads Kronos. Duncan and Methos receive a Double Quickening. Methos is grief-stricken for what he had done as he saw Silas the closest thing to a brother.


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  • Silas was portrayed by actor Richard Ridings and featured in the setting of Highlander: The Series.


  • Highlander: The Series:

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