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Sons of Yinsen are a group that features in Marvel Comics.



The Sons of Yinsen were a group that was formed from adherents that followed Ho Yinsen. Twelve individuals went before Yinsen and studied under him in the nation of Timbetpal until invading armies captured their teacher. (Iron Man v3 #31) During Yinsen's capture, his top student Sun Tao accompanied his master where the pair were taken to Wong Chu's prison camp where they labored. During that time, a captive American named Tony Stark was brought to the camp where he and Yinsen developed the Iron Man Armor allowing him to escape. During the event, Yinsen was mortally wounded and his body was buried by Sun Tao who returned to Timbetpal to inform his wife who died of a broken heart. Tao then gathered the remaining eleven students of Yinsen who became disciples of their masters teachings. They established themselves as a religious cult dedicated to their master with them taking the name of the Sons of Yinsen. From their masters journals and their combined intellect, they created a number of trite yet commercially viable concepts. Groups within the Western world paid a great deal of money for the patents and ideas that the group had created in this time. With tremendous wealth at their disposal, they began to put into practice the many theories Yinsen had in his life. During the building of his great work, the people of Timbetpal grew curious about the new faith and the Sons of Yinsen began to teach them leading to many converting to the new faith thus leading to them starting from twelve members to a group of thousands. The converts helped form a workforce that began working on a new city called New Timbetpal that was mobile and able to fly in the sky. Upon its completion, the Sons of Yinsen along with the new adherents journeyed into the sky as they sought to remove themselves from the evils of the world. (Iron Man Annual v1 2000) For many years, they lived in secrecy where they preferred their life in the clouds and with machines over the world's turmoil's. They later brought their city to Malaysia as they later that Wong-Chu was alive and they sought him out. During this time, they encountered Iron Man with Sun-Tao revealing that he was aware that it was Tony Stark behind the armor and that the Sons of Yinsen considered him the Chosen One. (Iron Man v3 #31)

The Sons later learnt that their mentor Yinsen had survived as a brain that was kept alive by the still living Wong-Chu. They attempted to recover the brain and were aided by Iron Man. This chain of events led to the recovery of Yinsen's brain and the beheading of Wong-Chu by one of the Sons of Yinsen. (Iron Man Annual v1 2000)


Members of this religious group revered the scientist Ho Yinsen and dedicated their lives to his teachings. They were considered a peaceful people by nature who believed that violence was the way of the enlightened and the primitive. The people of New Timbetpal were raised solely in the ways of the master to the point that they did not know how to defend themselves. As such, only a select few of twelve wore Iron Man Armor who were trained in self-defense. These individuals had trained for such events having learnt from the master and individually adapting their armor to suit their needs. The Kung-Fu techno-warriors utilised a fighting style that was a mixture of different disciplines and made use of weapons that were as silent as them. These twelve were the only defense for the city itself and ensured that it was never placed at risk. In the field, they operated as a well-coordinated team that were organized who did not openly communicate with one another but instead use of hand gestures. (Iron Man v3 #32) Any member of the elite twelve that were killed was replaced with a worthy disciple from the group who was inducted into their ranks. The Sons of Yinsen did not look lightly on murder from their ranks and anyone guilty of such a crime was dealt fairly by the people. (Iron Man Annual v1 2000)

Chief among their religious doctrine was the deification of their mentor Ho Yinsen who was seen as a kind of technological Buddha. (Iron Man v3 #32) The faith was sometimes referred to as Yinsenism that was taught to others before the new converts were inducted into their groups secrets. (Iron Man Annual v1 2000) Through his many journals and their own research they dedicated an undying faith to honor him along with the gifts he gave his students. Such gifts were that of flesh, spirit and the immortal god of science. They honoured their master by wearing their own version of the Iron Man Armor. (Iron Man v3 #31) Much of their knowledge came from the journals of their master that became the source of their great technology. Another important figure in their belief system was Iron Man who was held as the chosen one as he was the embodiment of their master's beliefs namely the merging of the power of the human spirit with the wonders of technology. The Sons of Yinsen held that their master Yinsen believed that the union of human spirit and technology would illuminate them. As such, they held that creation of Iron Man had allowed the wielder to ascend to a new plane of existence. Prophecies spoke that the Iron Man would deliver the Sons of Yinsen in their hour of need. Within their beliefs, The Transference of the Journal was considered one of the most sacred events in their religion. Many of the Sons of Yinsen had taken a vow of silence and did not speak. (Iron Man v3 #32) Another of their most holiest of relics was the brain of Master Yinsen. Among the greatest honors that they could give a person was gifting a medallion in recognition of a great deed. (Iron Man Annual v1 2000)

Among their creations were a number of Iron Men Drones that wore golden versions of the armor. A select number utilised their own versions of the Iron Man Armor that were customised for their needs. These suits had a range of weapons that were unlike any other seen with these including; stasis fields, repulsor waves, hypno-pulses, and many others. Another creation was a cloaking device that made them invisible and allowed them to engage in stealth. They resided in a mobile city of New Timbetpal that floated in the clouds and was cloaked from the rest of the world through the use of wondrous technology. It was considered Yinsen's city that was all his hopes and dreams with the Sons of Yinsen simply being the instrument that built it. (Iron Man v3 #32)


  • Sun Tao : an Asian male who was the first prodigy that became a student of Ho Yinsen who joined his mentor in Wong-Chu's prison camp. (Iron Man v3 #31)


  • The Sons of Yinsen were created by Joe Quesada and Dan Panosian where they made their first appearance in Iron Man Annual 2000 v1 #1 (October, 2000).


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