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Atredies transports boarding the Heighliner from the original Dune movie.

The Spacing Guild Heighliner is a starship that features in the Dune universe.



A Heighliner in the Dune mini-series.

According to the Legends of Dune series, heighliners were invented by Norma Cenva. In subsequent millennia, the ships are manufactured on the planet Ix. During the events described in the prequel Dune: House Corrino, a heighliner is expertly spacefolded into a cavern under the surface of Ix, incapacitating an occupying army during the Atreides-led liberation of the planet.


Heighliner operation requires both a Guild Navigator and a Holtzman generator. The Holtzman generator uses the Holtzman effect to "fold space" and allows virtually instantaneous interstellar travel. The Navigator is responsible for finding a safe path through folded space and guiding the ship. This is accomplished under the influence of melange in the form of orange spice gas. Melange provides the Navigator with the limited form of prescience required.

Unable to land, heighliners jump from point to point, parking in planetary orbits. Orbital ferries or interplanetary spacecraft load and unload the heighliner. Special laws govern travel aboard a heighliner; heighliners are considered neutral territory and all acts of war aboard heighliners carry stiff penalties.

These vessels were massive able to hold all a House's frigates and transports in a small corner with it being a minor part of the Heighliner's manifest.


In other media



Video games

A Heighliner in Emperor: Battle for Dune.
  • In Emperor: Battle for Dune, it was shown that inter-fighting among the Houses emerged following the assassination of the Emperor at the hands of Lady Elara. Within the intro-cutscene, it was shown that this led to space based battles between fighters around Guild Heighliners.


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