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'Jersey Devil to 2025
2026 to 89th Century BC
90,000 years from now to Alhazred, Abdul (disambiguation)
Alia Atreides to Araki (Marvel)
Arala to Baldur (Too Human)
Baldwin P. "Bulletproof" Vess to Black Cross of Berziers
Black Dragon (Mortal Kombat) to Bruce (Bucky O'Hare)
Bruce Banner to Cassio Tagge
Castamir to Cleaners
Cleaners (Resident Evil) to Crush
Crush (DC) to Datawars
Daultay Dofine to Dmitri Bukharin
Doc, Professor to Duncan
Duncan (Gargoyles) to Enforcer Tank
Enforcers to Feyd-Rautha
Fiend to Furyoku
Fusion Breed to Gigashadow
Gigastorm to Guardians (Challenge of the GoBots)
Guardians (Destiny) to Henry (The Clone)
Henry Allen (DC) to Ice Man (disambiguation)
Ice Paraelemental to Jack Edward Travis
Jack Flag to John Jameson (Marvel)
John King (Marvel) to Kaufman, Paul
Kavak, Omar to Kurn
Kuroh Yatogami to Lightning Gun
Lightning League (Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors) to Madelyne Pryor
Madison Jeffries to Mason Eckhart
Mason Wren to Midas Bank (C)
Middle-Earth to Mr. Satan
Mr. Skinner to New Guistenal
New Kurn to Olympian Gods (DC)
Olympians (DC) to Pastmaster
Pat to Primal Wars
Primarchs (Warhammer 40,000) to RPD
RT Nevitt to Richard Crandall
Richard Cromwell to San Hill
Sanctum Sanctorum (Marvel) to Sexay
Seyg-El to Smiley
Smith, Roger to Stellar Swan
Steltek to Tank Drones
Tannen, Biff to Thrull
Thuggee to Turk Barrett
Turles to Veritas (Smallville)
Veritas Society (Smallville) to White Triangle (DC)
White Walker to Yomagn'tho
Yon-Rogg to ├ćon Society
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