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'Jersey Devil to 2025
2026 to 89th Century BC
90,000 years from now to Alicorn
Alien Engine Virus to Archie Corrigan
Architect (DC) to Barad-dur
Barada to Black Tom Cassidy
Black Watch (Prototype) to Bulbasaur
Bullet Car to Celtic (Yautja)
Cement Cannon to Coffy
Cogliostro to Cyber Lieutenant
Cyber Viral Implant to Deagol
Dean to Dominion War
Domino (Marvel) to Earth-X (DC)
Earth Alliance (Babylon 5) to Eternity (Marvel)
Ethan Bennett to Flash's Costume Ring
Flash (DC) to Ganon (disambiguation)
Ganondorf to Gogeta
Gohan to Halo (DC)
Halo (megastructure) to Hogan, Jane
Hogan (Island of Lost Souls) to Inertia (DC)
Inertron to January 7
January 8 to Julian Keeley
Julie to Killer Croc (DC Animated)
Killer Frost to Lawgiver (Judge Dredd)
Lawless League to Lord Satanus
Lord Slug to Manhunters (DC)
Manitou Dawn to Medusa Web
Mee-Krah to Moebius Stone (Marvel)
Moff to Namek-jin
Namek Dragon Balls to Null (Dungeons and Dragons)
Null (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) to Other World
Other World Tournament to Pirate Clans
Pirate Clans (Exo-Squad) to Punisher (Galactus)
Puppet Master (Ghost in the Shell) to Red Ghost
Red Guard (Marvel) to Rozen Maiden Dolls
Ruathlek to Secret Repository at Palkor Sin
Secret Sanctuary to Simon Hurt
Simon Katanga to Spy Roster
Spyke to Synthoid (G.I. Joe)
Sypha Belnades to The New Blood
The Olympians (DC) to Transwarp (disambiguation)
Transwarp Cell to Van Helsing, Gabriel
Van Helsing, Larimer to Weapon X
Weapons Master to Yad-Thaddag
Yaddith to ├ćon Society
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