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The Spirits of Vengeance is a team that features in Marvel Comics Ghost Rider.



The Spirits of Vengeance were a powerful group of spirits that were given vestiges of God's divine power and were bonded to human host. This was done so in order to limit their power in their quest for divine retribution as these Spirits were tasked with avenging the innocent and eliminating the wicked amongst mankind. Thus, they traced their origins from Biblical times with a long line of those that held the position of Ghost Rider and they served as Heaven's black ops group designed with secret missions in mind. In order to administer and oversee their operations, the Angel Zadkiel was placed in charge of them and manipulate them from the shadows. Thus, this actions led to their true origins being masked in shadow and shrouded in mystery with their involvement with God being almost unknown.

In 1654 C.E., a Spirit of Vengeance was targeted by the demon Necrosis who killed him on behalf of his master Belasco. This was done so due to Mephisto's incursions into Belasco. (Ghost Rider v9 #3)

During their long history, the Angel Zadkiel began to grow corrupt and desired more power thus he began a ploy in order to usurp Heaven through the use of the Ghost Riders. His actions led to only two such members of the Spirits of Vengeance remaining by the modern age namely Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch who were the two most powerful Ghost Riders in history. In order to achieve his goal, Zadkiel had Daniel Ketch absorb the power of every Ghost Rider in the mistaken belief that this would prevent them from corrupting him. However, once the task was accomplished, Zadkiel simply stole the collected energy from Ketch and used it to break down the Gates of Heaven and bring about a bloody coup in Heaven itself.



  • The Rider : a male primitive man born 1,000,000 B.C. years ago who had the capacity of intelligent thought and speech whose tribe was killed by a Wendigo who left the boy alive. The child called Ghost went out into the wilderness where he was left near death where he was approached by Mephisto disguised as a snake who made a deal with the boy who was transformed into a Spirit of Vengeance where he attempted to use this power to kill the Wendigo but failed. Afterwards, he was approached by the Phoenix and Odin to join the ranks of the world's first heroes. (Avengers v8 #7)
  • Noble Kale :
  • Kushala : a female Native American born to her tribe when the settlers first arrived with her people being killed by the U.S. Army leaving her in a rage where she demanded vengeance with her call being answered as she became possessed by the Spirit of Vengeance. Thus, she became the Demon Rider where she massacred the people responsible but became haunted by the spirits that followed her everywhere with Kushala studying magic for a means to free herself from the curse as she became a Sorcerer Supreme for a time. (Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme v1 #3) 
  • Johnny Blaze :
  • Danny Ketch :
  • Alejandra Jones :
  • Robbie Reyes :


  • The Spirits of Vengeance were created by Howard Mackie and Ron Garney where they made their first appearance in Ghost Rider v3 #42 (October, 1993).

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  • In Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the Spirits of Vengeance were referred to in the setting of the live-action film. It was said that the Ghost Rider was originally an angel who was a spirit of justice sent to protect the world of humans. However, instead he imprisoned the guilty and banished them to Hell where the mission to protect the innocent became one fixated on punishment thus leading to the Spirit of Vengeance.


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