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Spyre is a planet that features in Marvel Comics.




In the aftermath, Revos declared that the threat of the Four-Told's launch was averted and told this information to the populace to keep them at ease. However, he knew that the Four-Told were still alive and only his closest comrades were privy to this information. Thus, the danger was still present with Revos suggesting that the only means of defeating the Four-Told was by redirecting cosmic radiation and using it to mutate Spyricans in order to give them superpowers. As a result, Spyre began the process of transforming its people though some mutated into more monstrous forms. These came to be ostracised by Spyrican society who banished these citizens into Lowtown and were considered by the populace to be villains. (Fantastic Four v6 #17)


Locations on the planet included:

  • Hall of Heroes : a building that served as the headquarters of the Unparalleled. (Fantastic Four v6 #17)

Organisations and groups on Spyre included:

  • The Unparalleled : a superhero team and organisation that consisted of the planets greatest superheroes that were given their powers through exposure to cosmic radiation. (Fantastic Four v6 #16)
  • Monster Mob : a group of monstrous looking Spyricans that were mutated by cosmic radiation exposure where they were shunned by their society and forced to become supervillains where they resided in Low Town. (Fantastic Four v6 #16)

The inhabitants of Spyre had learnt to harness cosmic radiation and used it to expose their own people in an effort to give them superpowers. This process could see a Spyrican become a superhero or be mutated into a monstrous form where they were shunned by their people and became villains. (Fantastic Four v6 #16)


  • Overseer : Revos was the male leader of Spyre who after seeing the coming of the Fantastic Four saw them as a threat and came upon the idea of using cosmic storm radiation to mutate their populace to give them superpowers to battle this threat where he took the name of Overseer with the power of super-vision where he manifested psychic eyes anywhere. (Fantastic Four v6 #17)
  • Citadel :
  • Elementa : Eylen was a female who was the first to go through the transformation process and took the name Elementa the Water-Witch with hydrokinetic powers and served as one of the Unparalleled. (Fantastic Four v6 #17)
  • Belter :
  • Sidearm :
  • Sky : a female attractive Spyrican who underwent training to become one of the Unparalleled where she was gifted superpowers upon exposure to cosmic radiation and gained wings. (Fantastic Four v6 #16)
  • Kaylo :
  • Kor :
  • Sky : Kaila was a female who looked to find her soulmate and use the Great Eye that showed Johnny Storm to be her intended thus showing Spyre to the explorers that became the Fantastic Four. As a result, she felt guilt at the thought of bringing the danger to her world. (Fantastic Four v6 #17) To redeem herself, she went through training to become one of the planet's heroes among the Unparalleled and went through the cosmic radiation transformation to become a winged superhero who took the name of Sky. (Fantastic Four v6 #16)
  • Big King Skrum : Krumson was a close friend of Revos who became the large leader of the Monster Mob who was one of those who was mutated by cosmic radiation to give his powers but this resulted in him becoming monstrous and being regarded as a villain by his people. (Fantastic Four v6 #17)


  • Spyre was created by Dan Slott, Paco Medina and Robert Quinn where it made its first appearance in Fantastic Four v6 #15 (October, 2019).


  • Fantastic Four v6: (2019)

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