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[[File:StarV1-1LeeTextless.jpg|thumb|right|260px|Star in Star v1 #1.]]
'''Star''' is a female comic character who features in [[Marvel Comics]].
'''Star''' is a female comic character who features in [[Marvel Comics]].

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Star in Star v1 #1.

Star is a female comic character who features in Marvel Comics.



Ripley Ryan was a female human who was born in the modern age on Earth.

Whilst trying to survive, she came to resent Carol Danvers and blamed her for being trapped in Nuclear Man's hellish landscape. (Star v1 #3)

Medical staff quickly tended to her where Ripley seemingly died from her wounds only to be resurrected by the power of the Reality Stone that had bonded to her. Her body had by that point been taken to the Raft where she was to be imprisoned. However, with the Infinity Stone, she planned her escape from the prison and a chance at revenge against Carol Danvers. (Star v1 #4)

Ripley was attempting to decide her next course of action when her residence came under attack from the Black Swan Yabbat Ummon Turru who intended to claim the Infinity Stone from Star. (Star v1 #3)

She was then attacked by Captain Marvel where Star desperately attempted to get away from Carol Danvers who was determined to remove the Infinity Stone from Ripley's body. During the midst of their fight, the Black Order struck as they intended to use their fight as a means of acquiring the Reality Stone for themselves. In desperation, Ripley and Carol decided to work together but even then they were overwhelmed by their foes. This saw Ripley activating a device that created a wormhole that sucked them all away and sent them elsewhere. (Star v1 #4)


Personality and attributes

Being trapped in Nuclear Man's world, Ripley came to feel terrified for her life and highly vulnerable. This made her come to resent Carol Danvers as she blamed her being a superhero for forcing Ryan to go through a traumatic experience. As a result, she hated Carol Danvers with this leading to her becoming a supervillain as she wanted to destroy Captain Marvel. (Star v1 #3)

Powers and abilities

The stone's power even allowed her to implant knowledge into herself such as learning languages like Swedish. (Star v1 #3)

A problem for Star was using too many abilities in concert with one another with this level of multitasking causing her to forget to activate certain powers in a fight. (Star v1 #4)


  • Star was created by Kelly Thompson and Carmen Carnero where she made her first appearance in Captain Marvel v10 #1 (March, 2019).


  • Captain Marvel v10: (2019)
  • Star v1:

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