Temple of Gozer

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The Temple of Gozer is the Destructor's shrine and interdimensional portal into this world.

The Temple consisted of a large ancient pyramid, a staircase leading up to translucent doors, two altars for Gozer's faithful servants the Terror Dogs (Zuul the Gatekeeper and Vinz Clortho the Keymaster) to wait upon, and assorted obelisks and hieroglyphs. At its summit, there was a bright light.

The temple was first seen as an apparition in Dana Barrett's refrigerator, in Gozer's own dimension. As Dana arrived home with groceries, eggs broke out of their shells and began to cook on her kitchen countertop. Startled, she stared at them before hearing an unearthly snarling noise come from her refrigerator. When she opened the refrigerator door she was shocked to see another dimension with Gozer's Temple at the center. Suddenly a mysterious demon stared at her with red eyes ablaze and roared the word "Zuul" at her which caused her to scream in horror and slam the door shut.

Later the temple was seen at the top of Dana's apartment building during a thunderstorm. Two mythical dog-like statues on separate pedestals were posted on either side of a stone table and in front of massive temple doors. Suddenly the statues began to crumble, revealing demonic claws and beaming red eyes underneath. After two ferocious demons, Zuul and Vinz Clortho, attack and possess Dana Barrett and Louis Tully the temple is shown once again with the dog statues completely crumbled, confirming that the beasts inside have broken free.

The Temple was the stage for the final battle between Gozer and her minions and the Ghostbusters. Once Zuul and Vinz Clortho met (in the bodies of their human hosts, Dana Barrett and Louis Tully respectively) they went to the roof of the Shandor Building where they performed the ritual to bring Gozer into our world, consummating their union before using their human bodies as conduits to transmit supernatural energy coming from the top of the temple, shooting it toward the massive doors to cause them to open and reveal the mythical Temple of Gozer inside. Once the temple doors swung completely open, the two demons completed the ritual by transforming into their native Terror Dog forms and took their place next to the translucent temple doors before Gozer arrived and faced the Ghostbusters. The Destructor asked Ray Stantz of the Ghostbusters, if he is a god to which he responded negatively. A smiling Gozer shot beams of supernatural electricity at the crew, shocking them before they regrouped and fired their proton packs at her causing her to vanish. Later Gozer manifests itself as the Stay Puft Marshmallow man and proceeds to destroy New York City until the Ghostbusters cross the streams and destroy the temple and Gozer in the process. The destruction of Gozer also destroys the Terror Dogs, trapping the human bodies of Dana and Louis inside them. Initially fearing them dead, the Ghostbusters notice them trying to break out of the charred remains of the demons and rescue them.


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