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Tyrak is a male comic supervillain who features in Marvel Comics.



Tyrak was a male Atlantean warrior who came to serve in the army of the underwater conqueror Attuma.

After the Serpent was freed, Attuma came to become one of the Worthy where he was transformed into Nerkodd: Breaker of Oceans. Tyrak continued to serve him alongside his sister Aradnea and Tiger Shark in taking over New Atlantis as well as launch an attack against the surface world.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

In terms of physical might, Tyrak was noted to rival Attuma and was able to enhance himself further by alternating his size and mass. He was able to reach a maximum of 40–50 feet (12–15 m) enabling him to overwhelm even Namor and the Avengers.

Tyrak was adept at infiltration and disguise with him being able by unknown means to change his physiology to mimic the form of most anyone he's had time to study thus making him an accomplished spy and assassin.

Tyrak also boasts a slew of advanced atlantean facilities in his arsenal, such as the specialized filters surgically implanted in his gills which let him operate in open air without fear of asphyxiation. His special suit withholds a great many water reserves to keep him hydrated while on dry land, and also comes equipped with steel clawed razor gauntlets to augment his melee. The breastplate stores potent knockout gas dispensers with which to disable an adversary in quick session upon their release.


  • Tyrak was created by Gerry Conway and George Pérez where he made his first appearances in Avengers v1 #154 (December, 1976).


  • Avengers v1:
  • Fear Itself: The Deep v1:

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